Petals on the Wind Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Part 1: Chapters 1-3

• Chapter 1

• The children head on a bus to Florida after escaping the attic in which they had been confined.

• After Carrie becomes ill on the bus, a nice woman takes them to the home of Dr. Paul.

• After hearing their story, Dr. Paul agrees to treat the children and lets them stay in his home.

• Chapter 2

• The Children have difficulty sleeping apart from each other.

• The girls begin to accept Dr. Paul but Christopher has doubts.

• Dr. Paul wants to become the children's legal guardian. Christopher does not want this but Catherine convinces him.

• Chapter 3

• During a shopping trip, Carrie becomes upset because her body is different due to malnutrition.

• Catherine learns to sew so Carrie can have properly fitting clothes.

• The children go to court to complete the adoption process. They are upset their mother does not show up to claim them.

• Catherine turns...

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