Objects & Places from Pet Sematary

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Object Descriptions

Ludlow - The town in which the story takes place.

The Pet Sematary - The place where children bury their dead pets.

Disneyland - This is the location of Louis's dream job.

The Micmac Burying Ground - This has the power to reincarnate dead bodies.

The Road - This runs between the Crandall and the Creed homes.

Jud's Porch - The place where Louis and Jud like to sit and visit.

Little God Swamp - This dangerous terrain is full of quicksand and home to evil spirits.

University Medical Center - This is Louis's workplace.

Cocoa Bears - This is Gage's favorite cereal.

The Bulletin Board - This is located in the Creed's kitchen and is covered with phone messages, reminders, and bills.

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