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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is pleased that Anne is staying until they can bring Anne to Bath themselves?
(a) Lady Russell
(b) Elizabeth
(c) Sir Elliot
(d) Mrs. Clay

2. After the concert, how does Captain Wentworth behave towards Anne?
(a) much closer than before the concert
(b) more distant than before the concert
(c) the same as before the concert
(d) he totally ignores her

3. How does Sir Elliot treat Anne?
(a) He looks to her for advice.
(b) He treats her exactly like his other daughters.
(c) He dotes on her.
(d) He mostly ignores her.

4. What is Lady Russell's opinion of Mrs. Clay?
(a) She is a thief.
(b) She is a bad influence.
(c) She is a liar.
(d) She is a good influence.

5. Admiral Croft finds out that Captain Wentworth is on his way _____________.
(a) to Uppercross
(b) to board a ship and go to sea
(c) to Bath
(d) to Kellynch hall

Short Answer Questions

1. Lady Russell tells Anne that which person could not stop talking about Anne at the gathering?

2. Anne overhears Captain Wentworth tell Louisa that he prefers what sort of women?

3. After two days at Uppercross, who comes to take Anne to the apartments on the grounds at Kellynch?

4. Who is very needy and cannot stand being alone?

5. Which of these is not one of Sir Elliot's daughters?

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