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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mr. Elliot told everyone he would be out of town for ______________ but is spotted outside talking to Mrs. Clay?
(a) for a vacation
(b) to visit a sick friend
(c) business
(d) to visit his cousin

2. Anne receives a very upsetting letter from whom in Chapter 18?
(a) Captain Wentworth
(b) Louisa
(c) Captain Benwick
(d) Mary

3. Where does everyone wind up after the walk?
(a) Charles Hayter's house
(b) Kellynch
(c) Uppercross
(d) the Hardy's house

4. It upsets lady Russell that who is going with Sir Elliot and Elizabeth?
(a) Mr. Shepherd
(b) Mr. Croft
(c) Mary
(d) Mrs. Clay

5. Miss Hamilton is the former name of which person?
(a) Mrs. Smith
(b) Lady Russell
(c) Mrs. Clay
(d) Mrs. Musgrove

Short Answer Questions

1. Who escorts Anne for the first half of her trip home after the gathering?

2. At the start of Chapter 17, Anne pays a visit to whom?

3. Who do Charles and Mary call on soon after their return?

4. What is Sir Elliot's status?

5. Who treats Anne with cold politeness?

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