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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With whom is Captain Wentworth now in the same social circle?
(a) Charles
(b) Anne
(c) Lady Russell
(d) Mary

2. Sir Elliot's oldest daughter is which one?
(a) Anne
(b) Elizabeth
(c) Alice
(d) Mary

3. Charles Hayter was whose suitor?
(a) Anne's
(b) Mary's
(c) Louisa's
(d) Henrietta's

4. What does Anne find out was Captain Wentworth's true reason for coming to Bath?
(a) to see Anne
(b) to see Elizabeth
(c) to escape a bad relationship
(d) to conduct business

5. Admiral Croft finds out that Captain Wentworth is on his way _____________.
(a) to board a ship and go to sea
(b) to Uppercross
(c) to Bath
(d) to Kellynch hall

Short Answer Questions

1. The first application to rent is from someone in what sort of profession?

2. With whom is Anne in love?

3. Who is Sir Elliot's late wife's best friend?

4. When she was young, Elizabeth planned to marry. What happened to her suitor?

5. The day before the planned dinner, who has a bad fall?

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