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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who else does Sir Elliot ask for advice in Chapter 1?
(a) Mr. Richmond
(b) Mr. Shepherd
(c) Mr. Raymond
(d) Mr. Simmons

2. Who confides to Captain Wentworth that they prefer Anne over Mary?
(a) Charles
(b) Lady Russell
(c) Henrietta
(d) Louisa

3. Who is one of the friends the group is traveling to see?
(a) Mr. Harvey
(b) Mr. Hampton
(c) Mr. Harville
(d) Mr. Haverhill

4. Lady Russell tells Anne that which person could not stop talking about Anne at the gathering?
(a) Sir Elliot
(b) Mr. Elliot
(c) Elizabeth
(d) Lady Russell

5. Captain Wentworth's warm reception at ___________ convinces him to stay on in the area.
(a) Kellynch
(b) Hazelton
(c) Uppercross
(d) Lowercross

Short Answer Questions

1. Sir Elliot tells Admiral Croft what about Admiral Croft's appearance?

2. Anne's plans to leave for where are interrupted?

3. With whom did Anne never used to run out of things to talk about?

4. Who reminds Anne of her younger self?

5. The Musgroves take a trip to visit __________.

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