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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Crofts announce that they are going away for how long?
(a) a few months
(b) a week
(c) a few weeks
(d) a month

2. About what does Anne have a silent debate with herself?
(a) whether Captain Wentworth is still handsome
(b) whether Anne wants Captain Wentworth to stay in town.
(c) whether Captain Wentworth is lying
(d) whether Captain Wentworth likes Henrietta or Louisa

3. Who says that nobody will want Anne in Bath anyway?
(a) Mary
(b) Lady Russell
(c) Elizabeth
(d) Sir Elliot

4. Who is one of the friends the group is traveling to see?
(a) Mr. Haverhill
(b) Mr. Hampton
(c) Mr. Harville
(d) Mr. Harvey

5. Lady Russell strongly approves of whom?
(a) Elizabeth
(b) Mrs. Clay
(c) Sir Elliot
(d) Mr. Elliot

Short Answer Questions

1. Everyone in Captain Wentworth's group has good things to say about _________________.

2. What is Sir Elliot's status?

3. The next day, Anne and who meet again for the first time in years?

4. Mary wonders if the visitor will be Frederick or ____________.

5. Anne joins several people on a trip to a seaside town. Who does not go on the trip?

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