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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It is soon discovered that the visitor will be _____________.
(a) Frederick
(b) Arthur
(c) William
(d) Edward

2. Sir Elliot tells Admiral Croft what about Admiral Croft's appearance?
(a) He looks old for his age.
(b) He is the ugliest sailor Sir Elliot has seen.
(c) He looks young for his age.
(d) He is the most handsome sailor Sir Elliot has seen.

3. The next day, Anne and who meet again for the first time in years?
(a) Fenton
(b) Ford
(c) Frederick
(d) Francis

4. The day before the planned dinner, who has a bad fall?
(a) Mary's eldest boy
(b) Mary
(c) Mary's youngest boy
(d) Charles

5. How does Sir Elliot feel the navy makes men look?
(a) older than they are
(b) distinguished
(c) sickly
(d) younger than they are

Short Answer Questions

1. Who believes that nursing is work only for women?

2. What has happened to Frederick over the years?

3. Mary resents which person when he/she is gone for too long?

4. Who does not even remember Anne's connection to Frederick?

5. What happens when Anne finds out that Frederick's sister is nearby?

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