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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The next day, Anne and who meet again for the first time in years?
(a) Ford
(b) Fenton
(c) Francis
(d) Frederick

2. Halfway back to the cottage, everyone meets ____________ riding in a buggy.
(a) the Crofts
(b) the Elliots
(c) the Hardy's
(d) the Musgroves

3. Where does everyone wind up after the walk?
(a) the Hardy's house
(b) Uppercross
(c) Kellynch
(d) Charles Hayter's house

4. Who is going to find a family to rent the home?
(a) Miss Andrews
(b) Mr. Raymond
(c) Lady Russell
(d) Mr. Shepherd

5. Who fills the role of lady of the house since Mrs. Elliot's death?
(a) Elizabeth
(b) Anne
(c) Lady Russell
(d) Mary

Short Answer Questions

1. Captain Wentworth says what about his love for Anne?

2. How does Mary get along with her mother-in-law?

3. What has happened to Frederick over the years?

4. Which family shows no signs of knowing about Anne's relationship with Mr. Wentworth?

5. What is Lady Russell's opinion of Anne?

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