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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Anne and Mr. Elliot to have thoughtful discussions.
(a) Anne has a stronger opinion of social standing than Mr. Elliot does.
(b) They have opposing views on literature.
(c) Mr. Elliot has a stronger opinion of social standing than Anne does.
(d) They both enjoy literature.

2. How does Charles handle the children?
(a) He leaves their bringing up entirely to Mary.
(b) better than Mary does
(c) not as well as Mary does
(d) He plays with them as if he is also a child.

3. Where does everyone wind up after the walk?
(a) Kellynch
(b) Uppercross
(c) Charles Hayter's house
(d) the Hardy's house

4. When everyone takes a walk, which of these people does not go?
(a) Henrietta
(b) Mrs. Clay
(c) Anne
(d) Louisa

5. The first application to rent is from someone in what sort of profession?
(a) writer
(b) lawyer
(c) doctor
(d) naval officer

Short Answer Questions

1. Anne joins several people on a trip to a seaside town. Who does not go on the trip?

2. Who arrives to escort Anne back from the rainy walk?

3. Who reminds Anne of her younger self?

4. What is Mary's mother-in-law's last name?

5. How does Mary get along with her mother-in-law?

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