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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sir Elliot feel the navy makes men look?
(a) older than they are
(b) sickly
(c) younger than they are
(d) distinguished

2. Anne is increasingly more nervous about what event?
(a) staying with Mary
(b) moving to Bath
(c) visiting Lady Russell
(d) seeing Mr. Wentworth again

3. What is Mary's mother-in-law's last name?
(a) Hargrove
(b) Musgrove
(c) Grover
(d) Groveland

4. Captain Benwick intends to call on whom soon, according to Charles?
(a) Anne
(b) Henrietta
(c) Captain Wentworth
(d) Mary

5. Whose idea is it to rent the Elliot's home to a naval officer?
(a) Mr. Shepherd's
(b) Anne's
(c) Sir. Elliot's
(d) Lady Russell's

Short Answer Questions

1. Chapter 3 follows a conversation between the Elliots and whom?

2. How does Sir Elliot feel the Admiral's stature compares to his own?

3. With whom is Captain Wentworth now in the same social circle?

4. How does Mary get along with her mother-in-law?

5. How do Anne's nephews feel about Anne?

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