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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A Confederate officer later said that he'd pointed Grant out to his men, saying that they were welcome to shoot him. Did anyone shoot at him?
(a) Yes, only once.
(b) Yes, several times.
(c) Yes, but the shots purposely missed.
(d) No.

2. As Grant made the journey, he encountered a Union loyalist, Mr. ___________, who said there were Confederates in the area and that a neighbor, a Southern sympathizer, was certain to report Grant's presence.
(a) De Vane.
(b) De Long.
(c) De Loche.
(d) De Rosa.

3. In Chapter 18, Grant left Galena as commander of the _______ Regiment.
(a) 8th.
(b) 14th.
(c) 11th.
(d) 21st.

4. In Chapter 28, Grant described the battle of _________. Grant said that he wasn't pleased with the results.
(a) Lexington.
(b) Linville.
(c) Linus.
(d) Luka.

5. Davis had orders that Grant would return to St. Louis where Grant discovered that he was to take command of what?
(a) The large district in Illinois.
(b) The large district in Illinois and Indiana.
(c) The large district in Missouri and Illinois.
(d) The large district in Missouri and Nebraska.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 34, the Union troops captured Port ____________. Grant was accompanied by his thirteen-year-old son.

2. Grant was impressed with whom at West Point?

3. Grant's time at West Point and in the military meant that he knew who?

4. Grant returned to Corinth where he was faced with the daunting task of arranging _________________ for a large number of forces.

5. What does Grant say about a fight at Molino del Rey?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did the march to the sea begin? Why is this important?

2. As Grant journeyed to Memphis, he encountered a Union loyalist who warned him of a neighbor who was a Southern sympathizer. What does this reveal about the difficulties involved in fighting a civil war?

3. Grant tells a story about Confederate Commander Bragg. Why does he tell this story?

4. Prior to the Mexican War, Grant noted that the presence of U.S. soldiers was supposed to provoke an attack by the Mexicans but it did not. Why might they not have attacked?

5. Grant travels to Alabama, tours the area, and the first order of business is to create a workable supply line. Why is this the first order of business?

6. Why did the Confederate women cry when they learned that the Union had the upper hand in the war?

7. What happened in January when the peace commissioners came to meet with Lincoln? Why might this have happened?

8. General Burnside found himself in distress for rations. How did loyalists help him and his men?

9. At the surrender of the Confederates, the Union men were energized. Why? Should they have been?

10. Grant outlines troops, their positions and their strengths under specific commanders. What is the reason Grant does this?

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