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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Grant planned to do a short stint in the military before doing what?
(a) Retiring.
(b) Going to medical school.
(c) Taking over his family's business.
(d) Teaching.

2. How does Grant feel about his involvement in the Mexican War?
(a) He regretted it.
(b) He relished in it.
(c) He remembers it fondly.
(d) He does not remember much of it.

3. Grant believed that "a _______________ advance to Atlanta, to Vicksburg, or to any other desired point south" would have been possible, but the advantage was not pressed.
(a) Quick.
(b) Silent.
(c) Bloody.
(d) Bloodless.

4. In Chapter 12, Grant was promoted to _________________.
(a) First lieutenant.
(b) Lieutenant colonel.
(c) Lieutenant general.
(d) Second lieutenant.

5. In Chapter 13, Grant attended ________________ and said he didn't understand why people enjoyed the sport.
(a) A cockfight.
(b) Boxing.
(c) A bullfight.
(d) A dogfight.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 39, Grant outlined a plan to assault ___________ that was eventually vetoed.

2. The Confederates destroyed Union supplies intended for Grant's army and he sent troops out in widening circles to gather what?

3. In Chapter 17, states continued to secede from the Union and the Civil War broke out in ________ of 1861.

4. Why did Grant object to attending West Point?

5. Lincoln called for volunteers and Grant joined, taking control of what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Grant set up a supply depot at Perkins' plantation and described a sense of relief. Why was there a sense of relief?

2. Describe the death of General Albert Sidney Johnston. Why might he have told this story?

3. Grant describes breaking mules for working with the military. Why might he have described this?

4. Grant describes the pressure of public opinion. How is public opinion even more important in military operations today?

5. Grant talked about the lack of trust the Indians had in the whites. Why did they not trust the white man?

6. When Lincoln called for volunteers at the start of the Civil War, Grant joined. Why?

7. Former slaves join up with the army. What were Grant's orders? What does this reveal about him?

8. Grant asked to be assigned to the cavalry but was assigned to the infantry. What is the difference between these two military groups? Why might he have wanted to be a part of the cavalry?

9. Prior to the Mexican War, Grant noted that the presence of U.S. soldiers was supposed to provoke an attack by the Mexicans but it did not. Why might they not have attacked?

10. In Chapter Sixteen, Grant resigned from the military. Why might he have done this?

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