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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Grant described an incident in which who was apparently killed but was later seen watching another fight?
(a) Abraham Lincoln.
(b) A bullfighter.
(c) A cockfighter.
(d) A soldier.

2. Davis had orders that Grant would return to St. Louis where Grant discovered that he was to take command of what?
(a) The large district in Illinois and Indiana.
(b) The large district in Missouri and Nebraska.
(c) The large district in Missouri and Illinois.
(d) The large district in Illinois.

3. In Chapter 34, the Union troops captured Port ____________. Grant was accompanied by his thirteen-year-old son.
(a) Gibson.
(b) Oregon.
(c) Washington.
(d) Smith.

4. Who was Nicholas P. Trist?
(a) A U.S. representative charged with negotiating a peace treaty.
(b) A Christian missionary who translated during the peace treaty.
(c) A U.S. civilian who risked his life to get important information to Grant.
(d) A U.S. soldier who was a POW in Mexico.

5. Grant reported in September at the ________________ Barracks in St. Louis.
(a) Washington.
(b) Jefferson.
(c) Harrison.
(d) Adams.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Confederates destroyed Union supplies intended for Grant's army and he sent troops out in widening circles to gather what?

2. Grant contrasted General _______ with General Taylor.

3. Grant mentioned the use of ______________ used by the Confederates in an apparent attempt to keep the Union men on their guard, though Grant said he couldn't remember a single death from that tactic.

4. Grant said that he looked back on the taking of "the City of Mexico" and could see that the troops should have done what?

5. In Chapter 19, Grant was named _________________ and said he was surprised by the promotion.

Short Essay Questions

1. Grant asked to be assigned to the cavalry but was assigned to the infantry. What is the difference between these two military groups? Why might he have wanted to be a part of the cavalry?

2. Grant said that once the City of Mexico fell, it seemed that a long-term occupation would be necessary. Why might he believe this?

3. Prior to the Mexican War, Grant noted that the presence of U.S. soldiers was supposed to provoke an attack by the Mexicans but it did not. Why might they not have attacked?

4. Grant believed that a "bloodless advance to Atlanta, to Vicksburg, or to any other desired point south of Corinth" would have been possible, but the advantage was never pressed. Why not?

5. Grant received orders from General Halleck to change his position. Did Grant do this? Why or why not?

6. When Lincoln called for volunteers at the start of the Civil War, Grant joined. Why?

7. Grant describes the pressure of public opinion. How is public opinion even more important in military operations today?

8. How did Grant feel about attending West Point? Why might he have felt this way?

9. How does Grant contrast General Scott with General Taylor?

10. Grant planned to attack Fort Donelson and predicted little opposition from the fort's commander. Why? What does this reveal about Grant?

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