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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did the loyalists soon begin to float on rafts down the river to the Union men?
(a) Provisions.
(b) Letters.
(c) Confederate captives.
(d) Medicine.

2. In Chapter 43, Sherman was ordered to prepare to attack _________________ and he successfully maneuvered into position.
(a) Lexington.
(b) Knoxville.
(c) Cincinnati.
(d) Chattanooga.

3. Grant ordered a commander named General _________ to begin rebuilding the railroad though they have only primitive tools and this general's abilities with which to work.
(a) Denver.
(b) Dodge.
(c) Chevy.
(d) Smith.

4. The Union troops left behind in ______________ were called on to defend the city from invading Confederate soldiers.
(a) Philadelphia.
(b) Washington.
(c) Boston.
(d) New York.

5. In Chapter 41, Grant toured the area and the first order of business was to do what?
(a) Find a place to camp.
(b) Create a workable supply line.
(c) Recruit more volunteers.
(d) Create more comfortable living conditions for the soldiers.

6. The book includes a series of footnotes, apparently written by ____________, further explaining sections of the text.
(a) Sherman.
(b) Grant.
(c) Lincoln.
(d) Sheridan.

7. How was Grant dressed at the end of the war?
(a) In a new uniform and wore an expensive, elaborate sword.
(b) In a private's uniform with only his stripes to confirm his rank.
(c) In civilian clothes.
(d) In an old sack.

8. In Chapter 61, Grant detailed the events leading up to the attempts to rout the Confederates from Fort _____________, located near Wilmington.
(a) Caswell.
(b) Fisher.
(c) Sumter.
(d) Negley.

9. Sherman decided to move first against ________________ and then Savannah.
(a) Millersville.
(b) Milledgeville.
(c) Mudville.
(d) Morristown.

10. In Chapter 44, Grant described the actual battle. Grant knew that the Confederate Commander ___________ was among those facing the Union Army.
(a) Beauregard.
(b) Early.
(c) Longstreet.
(d) Bragg.

11. Grant said the Confederate losses were bound to be higher and outlined his plans to do what?
(a) Convince the Confederates to surrender.
(b) Continue the attack, even if it took the entire summer.
(c) Surrender.
(d) Contact the families of those who had died.

12. It took a couple of tries to gain control of the fort. What did Grant Grant placed part of the blame for the failed attack?
(a) Free talk.
(b) Poor planning.
(c) A lack of ammunitions.
(d) Weak soldiers.

13. Were the talks successful?
(a) Somewhat.
(b) Yes, immediately.
(c) Yes, but not immediately.
(d) No.

14. A change in what alerted Grant that there was likely to be a change in tactics, a fact that was soon proven true?
(a) Confederate commanders.
(b) Confederate capitals.
(c) Union commanders.
(d) Confederate Presidents.

15. Two days later, Grant set up a military trap with several troops apparently exposed to attack, hoping what?
(a) The Confederates would try a similar tactic.
(b) The Confederates would run in the opposite direction.
(c) The Confederates would use the apparent opportunity.
(d) The Confederates would see through his plan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What information did Grant give of the dead and wounded?

2. On December 15, Grant wrote Thomas again, this time congratulating him on his success and urging that he not do what?

3. In Chapter 48, a new campaign got underway, with __________ in command.

4. In what role did Grant meet Lincoln for the first time?

5. In Chapter 54, Grant said the troops traveling in _________________ were faced with a different kind of country than they'd typically encountered across the south. The roads were in better condition and there was hardly ever a person seen other than those armed with Confederate sympathies.

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