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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 52, Grant detailed the battle at the Courthouse at _______________. Grant sent a letter to Major-General Halleck, Chief of Staff of the Army in Washington, outlining the casualties which he said probably approached twenty thousand Union troops and included eleven generals.
(a) Appomattox.
(b) Spotsylvania.
(c) Pine Bluff.
(d) Charleston.

2. In Chapter 55, the troops under Sheridan's command advanced on __________ Harbor but the Confederates, knowing that the position was one of tactical importance to the Union Army, were determined to hold it.
(a) Blue.
(b) Sea.
(c) Sun.
(d) Cold.

3. Grant traveled to _______________ where he met with Rosecrans, another commander who had troops in serious distress at Chattanooga.
(a) Mississippi.
(b) Kentucky.
(c) Missouri.
(d) Alabama.

4. Grant described the men posted at the edge of the river at Chattanooga and said they were accustomed to seeing what?
(a) Soldiers drown in the rough waters.
(b) Many large animals.
(c) Men swim away down the river.
(d) Confederates getting water from the opposite side of the river.

5. The book includes a series of footnotes, apparently written by ____________, further explaining sections of the text.
(a) Lincoln.
(b) Grant.
(c) Sheridan.
(d) Sherman.

6. How was Grant dressed at the end of the war?
(a) In a private's uniform with only his stripes to confirm his rank.
(b) In an old sack.
(c) In a new uniform and wore an expensive, elaborate sword.
(d) In civilian clothes.

7. In Chapter 69, Grant described the capture of Jefferson Davis and the surrender of General _____________.
(a) Jameson.
(b) Justinian.
(c) Jackson.
(d) Johnston.

8. Grant was assigned to command the Military Division of _________________.
(a) Missouri.
(b) Tennessee.
(c) Mississippi.
(d) Illinois.

9. At Grant's request, _________________ was transferred to take over the command of the Army of Tennessee which was headquartered near Grant's location.
(a) Stanton.
(b) Jackson.
(c) Sherman.
(d) Rosecrans.

10. In Chapter 67, Grant described the peace negotiations at ________________ and the terms of surrender that came from that meeting.
(a) Adairsville.
(b) Arkansas Post.
(c) Appomattox.
(d) Athens.

11. The Union tried to secure railroads in areas they controlled but the Confederates managed to do what anyway?
(a) Take over the tracks.
(b) Reroute trains.
(c) Destroy tracks.
(d) Hijack trains.

12. On another occasion, Grant saw a man drawing water from a tree that had fallen in the river and questioned him before discovering what?
(a) He was actually a slave.
(b) He was actually a Confederate soldier.
(c) He was actually the Confederate President.
(d) He was deaf.

13. The Union troops left behind in ______________ were called on to defend the city from invading Confederate soldiers.
(a) New York.
(b) Washington.
(c) Boston.
(d) Philadelphia.

14. In Chapter 51, Grant looked back on the battle. He said the Union forces were commended for their ability to ___________________, then performing as a unit.
(a) Cross a stream in close proximity to the Confederate troops.
(b) Create a large trench.
(c) Hide silently for many hours.
(d) Come upon the Confederates quietly.

15. The march was grueling and Grant said that everyone had been told to carry only what was necessary, but he saw various items discarded along the way. Why?
(a) Mice had gotten into their packs.
(b) The men were not hungry.
(c) In soldiers' efforts to lighten their loads.
(d) The items had spoiled.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 65, the Union captured Petersburg and who visited with Grant there the day after the final assault?

2. Lee claimed to know Grant from what?

3. Grant ordered a commander named General _________ to begin rebuilding the railroad though they have only primitive tools and this general's abilities with which to work.

4. In Chapter 60, Grant wrote to Major General Thomas from Grant's headquarters in City Point, _______________, in early December.

5. In Chapter 41, Grant toured the area and the first order of business was to do what?

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