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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Grant said General Rosecrans, who had not been successful at Corinth, did what in his advance again upon Corinth?
(a) Took the wrong road.
(b) Not provide enough rations for the trip.
(c) Took a very exposed route.
(d) Took too few troops.

2. Did Grant know everything there was to know about the war being waged in Mexico?
(a) Mostly.
(b) Yes.
(c) Hardly.
(d) No.

3. Grant returned to Corinth where he was faced with the daunting task of arranging _________________ for a large number of forces.
(a) Accommodations.
(b) Training facilities.
(c) Dinner.
(d) Weaponry.

4. Grant planned to do a short stint in the military before doing what?
(a) Retiring.
(b) Going to medical school.
(c) Taking over his family's business.
(d) Teaching.

5. Grant mentioned the use of ______________ used by the Confederates in an apparent attempt to keep the Union men on their guard, though Grant said he couldn't remember a single death from that tactic.
(a) Automatic weaponry.
(b) An exploding shell.
(c) Shock and awe.
(d) Armored tanks.

6. How does Grant describe the civilians at Monterey?
(a) Friendly.
(b) Hostile.
(c) Shy.
(d) Worried.

7. What did Grant say that Indians would do because they did not trust store owners to add up multiple purchases?
(a) They would pay for each separately.
(b) They would add up their own purchases.
(c) They would not purchase anything at stores.
(d) They would only come into buy one item at a time.

8. Grant noted after the surrender of Vicksburg that the men taken prisoner did what regarding the Union Army?
(a) They ignored them.
(b) They begged them to let them go free.
(c) They talked and mingled with them.
(d) They teased and taunted them.

9. Grant described an incident in which who was apparently killed but was later seen watching another fight?
(a) A cockfighter.
(b) A soldier.
(c) Abraham Lincoln.
(d) A bullfighter.

10. The following May, Grant moved to Galena, Illinois, where he began working as what in his father's store?
(a) A goldsmith.
(b) A blacksmith.
(c) A clerk.
(d) A cobbler.

11. In Chapter 39, Grant outlined a plan to assault ___________ that was eventually vetoed.
(a) Savannah.
(b) Atlanta.
(c) Mobile.
(d) Lexington.

12. On a Friday, Grant took a fall with his horse and was injured, though not as seriously as he might have been because of what?
(a) His skill as a rider.
(b) The way his horse fell.
(c) The medical care he received right after the accident.
(d) The softness of the rain-soaked ground.

13. He described breaking ________ for working with the military.
(a) Cows.
(b) Mules.
(c) Horses.
(d) Donkeys.

14. In Chapter 38, why did the siege end?
(a) No soldiers on either side were healthy enough to continue fighting.
(b) The Northerns called for a truce.
(c) The Confederates called for a truce.
(d) A torrential rain began that made it impossible to continue fighting.

15. Grant believed that "a _______________ advance to Atlanta, to Vicksburg, or to any other desired point south" would have been possible, but the advantage was not pressed.
(a) Silent.
(b) Quick.
(c) Bloodless.
(d) Bloody.

Short Answer Questions

1. Grant was impressed with whom at West Point?

2. Grant cited the nature of the fort's commander and predicted what?

3. In Chapter 20, Grant's troops came under fire for the first time at Belmont and he said they reacted how?

4. In Chapter 21, Grant described the assault and capture of ____________.

5. Grant's time at West Point and in the military meant that he knew who?

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