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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Rosecrans wanted to pursue farther than Jonesboro but Grant, believing what, ordered him back?
(a) Grant should be the one to lead the men to Jonesburo.
(b) The troops were too weak to travel that far.
(c) Confederate forces waiting in a good position would wipe out Rosecrans.
(d) Rosecrans was mentally ill.

2. Grant's situation changed yet again and he assumed the role of district commander in ______ Tennessee.
(a) South.
(b) North.
(c) East.
(d) West.

3. In Chapter 38, why did the siege end?
(a) The Confederates called for a truce.
(b) The Northerns called for a truce.
(c) A torrential rain began that made it impossible to continue fighting.
(d) No soldiers on either side were healthy enough to continue fighting.

4. Why did Grant object to attending West Point?
(a) His family did not have the money to send him to West Point.
(b) He feared he could not pass.
(c) He did not want to be in the military.
(d) He did not want to attend college.

5. Grant noted after the surrender of Vicksburg that the men taken prisoner did what regarding the Union Army?
(a) They talked and mingled with them.
(b) They begged them to let them go free.
(c) They teased and taunted them.
(d) They ignored them.

6. He asked for cavalry but was assigned to what?
(a) The infantry.
(b) The mountain division.
(c) The airborne division.
(d) The armored division.

7. A Confederate officer later said that he'd pointed Grant out to his men, saying that they were welcome to shoot him. Did anyone shoot at him?
(a) Yes, only once.
(b) No.
(c) Yes, but the shots purposely missed.
(d) Yes, several times.

8. What did Grant say that Indians would do because they did not trust store owners to add up multiple purchases?
(a) They would add up their own purchases.
(b) They would pay for each separately.
(c) They would only come into buy one item at a time.
(d) They would not purchase anything at stores.

9. Grant noted that the fifty-dollar gold pieces were not government issue but were common in the area and were called what?
(a) Chunks.
(b) Slugs.
(c) Pounds.
(d) Slinks.

10. Grant contrasted General _______ with General Taylor.
(a) Smith.
(b) Scott.
(c) Davis.
(d) Morales.

11. The following May, Grant moved to Galena, Illinois, where he began working as what in his father's store?
(a) A clerk.
(b) A blacksmith.
(c) A cobbler.
(d) A goldsmith.

12. In Chapter 39, Grant outlined a plan to assault ___________ that was eventually vetoed.
(a) Lexington.
(b) Savannah.
(c) Mobile.
(d) Atlanta.

13. In Chapter 29, troops supporting Grant at Corinth were moved out and Grant said it put him in the unenviable position of being what?
(a) On the defensive.
(b) On the offensive.
(c) Confused.
(d) Outnumbered.

14. Grant described the unrest of the nation in the winter of _______________.
(a) 1861-1862.
(b) 1860-1861.
(c) 1859-1860.
(d) 1862-1863.

15. Who taunted Grant?
(a) The governor of California.
(b) A ragged child.
(c) Another soldier.
(d) Most people with whom Grant came into contact in San Francisco.

Short Answer Questions

1. Did Grant dwell on the duel he saw?

2. In Chapter 35, Grant learned that McPherson's campaign was successful and Grant, who was with Sherman's men, pressed the advantage in order to capture who?

3. In Chapter 17, states continued to secede from the Union and the Civil War broke out in ________ of 1861.

4. Grant planned to do a short stint in the military before doing what?

5. In Chapter 32, Grant described the pressure of public opinion and said that no matter what criticism occurred, who stood behind him, providing support?

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