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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Mexico would gain Texas but give up all rights to what?
(a) Washington, Oregon, and California.
(b) California and Utah.
(c) Arizona.
(d) California and New Mexico.

2. Eventually, Grant was ordered to San Francisco. When Grant's uniform first arrived, he put it on and went out in public. Why?
(a) He was promoting attending West Point.
(b) He was apparently seeking acclaim for his military service.
(c) He had no other clothes to wear.
(d) He was hoping to encourage others to join the military.

3. Did Grant believe that he would be brave enough to fight a duel?
(a) Yes, if he had no other choice.
(b) Yes, maybe.
(c) No, never.
(d) Yes, of course.

4. Grant noted after the surrender of Vicksburg that the men taken prisoner did what regarding the Union Army?
(a) They teased and taunted them.
(b) They talked and mingled with them.
(c) They begged them to let them go free.
(d) They ignored them.

5. How does Grant describe the civilians at Monterey?
(a) Worried.
(b) Hostile.
(c) Friendly.
(d) Shy.

6. In Chapter 21, Grant described the assault and capture of ____________.
(a) Fort Henry.
(b) Fort Stewart.
(c) Fort David.
(d) Fort Scott.

7. Grant said General Rosecrans, who had not been successful at Corinth, did what in his advance again upon Corinth?
(a) Took too few troops.
(b) Not provide enough rations for the trip.
(c) Took a very exposed route.
(d) Took the wrong road.

8. After Grant enlisted in the army at the beginning of the Civil War, the women of Galena asked him to describe what in detail?
(a) The war.
(b) The places he had seen.
(c) The army uniform.
(d) Southern women.

9. In Chapter 23, Grant received another promotion, this time to _______________ of the volunteers. In this role, he ordered a march on Nashville. There was some wrangling over the command and Grant was briefly relieved of the command then returned to the position.
(a) Major.
(b) Colonel.
(c) General.
(d) Major-General.

10. What does Grant say about a fight at Molino del Rey?
(a) That battle was worth the many losses.
(b) That battle was useless.
(c) That battle could have been avoided completely.
(d) That battle could not have been avoided.

11. In Chapter 12, Grant was promoted to _________________.
(a) Lieutenant colonel.
(b) Second lieutenant.
(c) Lieutenant general.
(d) First lieutenant.

12. In Chapter 30, Grant described the battle at Vicksburg and Sherman's advance along the ___________ River.
(a) Chattahoochee.
(b) Ohio.
(c) White.
(d) Mississippi.

13. Davis had orders that Grant would return to St. Louis where Grant discovered that he was to take command of what?
(a) The large district in Missouri and Illinois.
(b) The large district in Missouri and Nebraska.
(c) The large district in Illinois and Indiana.
(d) The large district in Illinois.

14. Grant was sent to Ironton, Missouri, and eventually on to Jefferson City. While there, he met who for the first time?
(a) Colonel Robert E. Lee.
(b) Colonel Jefferson B. Davis.
(c) Colonel Thomas Jefferson.
(d) Colonel Mustard.

15. Rosecrans wanted to pursue farther than Jonesboro but Grant, believing what, ordered him back?
(a) Grant should be the one to lead the men to Jonesburo.
(b) Confederate forces waiting in a good position would wipe out Rosecrans.
(c) The troops were too weak to travel that far.
(d) Rosecrans was mentally ill.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 18, Grant left Galena as commander of the _______ Regiment.

2. In Chapter 29, troops supporting Grant at Corinth were moved out and Grant said it put him in the unenviable position of being what?

3. Where was Grant born?

4. Grant described the use of the ____________ at this siege.

5. Grant said the Confederate troops were driven steadily back and eventually retreated. Grant said the victory was cinched by the arrival of whom?

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