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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27 through 39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lincoln called for volunteers and Grant joined, taking control of what?
(a) The young soldiers.
(b) The other volunteers until they arrived at their assignments.
(c) The other military leaders until they were given their assignments.
(d) Those soldiers coming from West Point.

2. Grant was sent to Ironton, Missouri, and eventually on to Jefferson City. While there, he met who for the first time?
(a) Colonel Robert E. Lee.
(b) Colonel Thomas Jefferson.
(c) Colonel Jefferson B. Davis.
(d) Colonel Mustard.

3. On a Friday, Grant took a fall with his horse and was injured, though not as seriously as he might have been because of what?
(a) The medical care he received right after the accident.
(b) The way his horse fell.
(c) His skill as a rider.
(d) The softness of the rain-soaked ground.

4. Who taunted Grant?
(a) Most people with whom Grant came into contact in San Francisco.
(b) The governor of California.
(c) A ragged child.
(d) Another soldier.

5. The move was prompted, in part, by the proximity of whom?
(a) So many Confederate troops.
(b) So many wealthy families.
(c) So many other experienced commanders.
(d) So many military families.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Grant describe the civilians at Monterey?

2. In Chapter 20, Grant's troops came under fire for the first time at Belmont and he said they reacted how?

3. In Chapter 17, states continued to secede from the Union and the Civil War broke out in ________ of 1861.

4. In Chapter 21, Grant described the assault and capture of ____________.

5. Grant said that once the city fell, it seemed that long-term occupation would be _____________.

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