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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27 through 39.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 13, Grant attended ________________ and said he didn't understand why people enjoyed the sport.
(a) A bullfight.
(b) A dogfight.
(c) Boxing.
(d) A cockfight.

2. During a brief leave to go home, Grant wrote a letter to Adjutant-General Colonel L. Thomas, saying that he'd been educated at the government's expense and now wanted to do what?
(a) Leave the country.
(b) Serve.
(c) Die for his country.
(d) Be a school teacher.

3. Did Grant believe that he would be brave enough to fight a duel?
(a) No, never.
(b) Yes, if he had no other choice.
(c) Yes, maybe.
(d) Yes, of course.

4. Grant was sent to Ironton, Missouri, and eventually on to Jefferson City. While there, he met who for the first time?
(a) Colonel Mustard.
(b) Colonel Jefferson B. Davis.
(c) Colonel Thomas Jefferson.
(d) Colonel Robert E. Lee.

5. Eventually, Grant was ordered to San Francisco. When Grant's uniform first arrived, he put it on and went out in public. Why?
(a) He was promoting attending West Point.
(b) He was apparently seeking acclaim for his military service.
(c) He had no other clothes to wear.
(d) He was hoping to encourage others to join the military.

Short Answer Questions

1. The military moved to Vera Cruz where the Americans beat at the city's walls until General ____________, the commander of the city, surrendered and General Scott's forces moved into the city.

2. Grant built a house and sought to make a living from what?

3. The assault on the town that is the answer to #82 resulted in ______________ losses.

4. In Chapter 36, Grant said the campaign had been successful in doing what?

5. Grant described the use of the ____________ at this siege.

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