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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kay realizes that Capote only wants her around at his party in order to re-energize after ______________.
(a) Dreamcatchers
(b) A bad breakup
(c) In Cold Blood
(d) His dog's death

2. ___________ has been holding the company together during the years of Phil's decline.
(a) Beebe
(b) Bradlee
(c) Cissy
(d) Father

3. Reston and Noyes argue that in light of the ____________ letter, it would be senseless for the Post not to be recognized.
(a) Watergate
(b) Pentagon
(c) McCord
(d) Nixon

4. The guests at the Bohlens' farewell party have no idea that Kennedy has already seen pictures of ___________.
(a) The new atomic bomb
(b) The Mexican Offensive
(c) Soviet missiles in Cuba
(d) Cuba's boats

5. Men and women typically __________ after dinner in Washington, but as Kay rebels, the practice disappears all over Washington.
(a) Leave
(b) Drink
(c) Come together
(d) Segregate

Short Answer Questions

1. Kay says that she likes Bush Sr. personally, but Newsweek labels him a _____________.

2. The Post has made costly concessions to the ________, including a clause specifying that outside advertisements must be re-set even if the original copy is used.

3. Much of the nation thinks that the Watergate matter is _________ and stands with the president.

4. Through the 1970s, Kay feels that her ____________ exceeded her accomplishments.

5. Phil pressures John F. Kennedy to __________ taxes in order to boost the economy, a move which is successful.

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