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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kay realizes she has been conditioned to work and to deal only with __________ people - something which needs to change.
(a) Uneducated
(b) Lower
(c) Important
(d) Manipulative

2. Kay gives _________ broad autonomy and he is not bothered by her higher profile.
(a) Hamilton
(b) Don
(c) Warren
(d) Simmons

3. Phil orders a trip for the whole family to ___________ before sending Don off to Harvard.
(a) Europe
(b) Bermuda
(c) Florida
(d) Hawaii

4. What does Roger Parkinson suggest to help the Post get its papers printed for the next day?
(a) Hand cranked editions
(b) Scabs
(c) Helicopters
(d) A miracle

5. Kay says that she likes Bush Sr. personally, but Newsweek labels him a _____________.
(a) Wimp
(b) Poor leader
(c) War monger
(d) Easy target

Short Answer Questions

1. Reston and the New York Times detect ___________ in the South but agree to kill the story for the White House.

2. After a year of widowhood, Kay's _______ grows more bearable to her, but the paper is still difficult.

3. Who is the star reporter that Bradlee hires from the New York Times, helping to rejuvenate the Post?

4. Dugan duped the management into thinking that the pressmen would ___________.

5. Kay continues to lean heavily on _______ who helps her with running her company and keeping it financially secure.

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