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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kay says that she likes Bush Sr. personally, but Newsweek labels him a _____________.
(a) War monger
(b) Poor leader
(c) Easy target
(d) Wimp

2. Who is the star reporter that Bradlee hires from the New York Times, helping to rejuvenate the Post?
(a) Barbara Walters
(b) David Brashears
(c) David Broder
(d) Molly Parker

3. Reston and Noyes argue that in light of the ____________ letter, it would be senseless for the Post not to be recognized.
(a) McCord
(b) Watergate
(c) Pentagon
(d) Nixon

4. Woodward and Bernstein reveal a secret _________ fund used to gather intelligence controlled by Mitchell.
(a) US
(b) DNC
(c) AAA
(d) CRP

5. Kay says she should have __________ the letter where AG John Mitchell called the Post 'the best paper in the country.'
(a) Not opened
(b) Framed
(c) Hid
(d) Burned

Short Answer Questions

1. It comes out that Nixon has a _____________ about which he has apparently forgotten.

2. Kay travels 10,000 miles to interview people, leaving ________ with space to establish his authority.

3. What does Roger Parkinson suggest to help the Post get its papers printed for the next day?

4. Kay resents ____________'s unwillingness to accept her, but is intimidated and defers to his ideas.

5. Nixon suggests that Kay invite ___________ to an editorial luncheon to brief editors on Vietnam policy.

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