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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what movement is Kay finally awakening, causing her to take action for the cause?
(a) Drug control
(b) Black's
(c) Women's
(d) Health care

2. Kay's friend Polly Wisner's husband also ___________, just as Kay's husband Phil did.
(a) Has an affair
(b) Likes the country
(c) Commits suicide
(d) Runs a paper

3. The Post acquires Kaplan ___________ and stock shares in various newspapers in order to secure its financial stability.
(a) Marketing
(b) Media
(c) Educational Centers
(d) Cellular Phones

4. What is the title that Kay assumes when she becomes an active leader in the Post?
(a) Board member
(b) Chairperson
(c) President
(d) Editor

5. What is the publication that Phil decides to buy to help strengthen the Post company?
(a) Time Magazine
(b) San Francisco Chronicle
(c) Chicago Tribune
(d) Newsweek

Short Answer Questions

1. Kay's goal is for politicians and other US officials to begin to see journalists as ____________.

2. Newsweek loses money and diverts talent to its ill-conceived launching of ___________.

3. Who is the reporter who has distinguished himself as conscientious, hardworking and driven at the time of the break in though he's only been at the Post for a few months?

4. The _________ staff at the Washington Post continues to work as usual during the upheaval.

5. What disease does Kay hide from Phil during a crucial time when she feels she should not upset him?

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