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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Father want the publication to become under his guidance and time in a leadership position?
(a) Better looking
(b) Bipartisan
(c) Nonpartisan
(d) Partisan

2. Eugene Meyer is a 32-year-old self-made millionaire _________ and art collector.
(a) Philanthropist
(b) Oil man
(c) Boxer
(d) Broker

3. Frankfurter approves of Phil and Kay, but ___________ is not keen about the arrangement.
(a) Mary Graham
(b) Ernest Graham
(c) Agnes Meyer
(d) Eugene Meyer

4. For how long is Phil in seclusion after his breakdown during his time at the Post?
(a) A week
(b) A summer
(c) A month
(d) A year

5. Why is the person in #55 not keen on Phil marrying Kay?
(a) Phil is too foolish
(b) Kay is a Jew
(c) Kay is rich
(d) Phil is already engaged

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kay write for the first year at her father's newspaper?

2. Dr. Farber is treating Phil, but whose psychology does this therapist use in dealing with patients?

3. In 1941, _____________ declares the Washington Post a journal of national importance.

4. Kay battles with a hated __________ teacher about a paper on the position of women in the Middle Ages.

5. What city does Kay find to be a vibrant, youthful city, swept clean of stodginess?

Short Essay Questions

1. Phil receives treatment from Dr. Farber during his time after the breakdown. What kind of psychology does Farber ascribe to?

2. How does Kay avoid academic probation after battling with a hated history teacher?

3. Why is it easy for Kay to hide Phil's true condition from her parents?

4. What does Mother think of the women that she meets when she is living in Washington with Eugene?

5. What does Agnes consider to be a part of the contract of marriage in terms of duties?

6. What does Father arrange for Kay when she goes to San Francisco to meet with family?

7. What frustrates Kay when she is staying in the town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, as Phil is sent to Boot Camp?

8. Why is Philip Graham's father not keen about the idea of Kay and Phil getting married?

9. What do the Grahams do as they must cooperate on labor relations at their papers?

10. What does Time declare about the Washington Post in 1941 as its circulation begins to grow?

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