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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It comes out that Nixon has a _____________ about which he has apparently forgotten.
(a) Paper trail
(b) Secret video
(c) Journal
(d) Voice-activated taping system

2. Where do the Grahams fly to finalize the formation of the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service?
(a) San Francisco
(b) Los Angeles
(c) Washington DC
(d) Boston

3. Kay actually told Women's Wear Daily back in 1969 that a ___________ would be better suited to her job than she.
(a) Reporter
(b) Woman
(c) Monkey
(d) Man

4. Kay says she should have __________ the letter where AG John Mitchell called the Post 'the best paper in the country.'
(a) Hid
(b) Not opened
(c) Framed
(d) Burned

5. Who is the reporter who has distinguished himself as conscientious, hardworking and driven at the time of the break in though he's only been at the Post for a few months?
(a) Ben Bradlee
(b) Bob Woodward
(c) Carl Bernstein
(d) Spiro Agnew

6. Kay is certain that the Post and Newsweek will go harder on ____________ because of her friendship.
(a) Kissinger
(b) Nixon
(c) Beebe
(d) Bradlee

7. Newsweek does less well financially than the Post because _________ is lenient with the editors.
(a) Bradlee
(b) Kay
(c) Beebe
(d) Benton

8. What is the title that Kay assumes when she becomes an active leader in the Post?
(a) President
(b) Editor
(c) Board member
(d) Chairperson

9. Kay gives _________ broad autonomy and he is not bothered by her higher profile.
(a) Warren
(b) Simmons
(c) Hamilton
(d) Don

10. Kay is told it will take her __________ years to win the people's hearts from the Vietcong.
(a) Fifteen
(b) Ten
(c) Two
(d) Five

11. What is the category under which the paper wins the Pulitzer Prize for the work on the DNC break in?
(a) Investigative reporting
(b) Political reporting
(c) Nixon
(d) National coverage

12. The break in at the _____________ National Headquarters is first dismissed as a third rate burglary.
(a) Post
(b) Republican
(c) Green Party
(d) Democratic

13. The guild continues to rally the_______, but it seems to pull an unwise stunt every time resolve begins to falter.
(a) Managers
(b) Writers
(c) Editors
(d) Accountants

14. Kay's friend Polly Wisner's husband also ___________, just as Kay's husband Phil did.
(a) Likes the country
(b) Runs a paper
(c) Has an affair
(d) Commits suicide

15. Who is the elected prime minister of Great Britain whom Kay is linked with romantically?
(a) Margaret Thatcher
(b) Edward Heath
(c) Tony Blair
(d) Gordon Brown

Short Answer Questions

1. Kay believes that after Phil's suicide, she has lost Phil _____________.

2. Much of the nation thinks that the Watergate matter is _________ and stands with the president.

3. What does Dr. Farber refuse to do in relation to Phil's mental disorder?

4. Kay cares about the ________ and keeping it in the family, so she has to make it work.

5. Concerned about his place in history, LBJ has brought masses of top secret documents about ____________.

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