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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kay looks forward to Prescott getting rid of the ______________ approach prevalent at the paper.
(a) Fire prevention
(b) Fire fighting
(c) Crisis management
(d) Fly by the seat of one's pants

2. Newsweek does less well financially than the Post because _________ is lenient with the editors.
(a) Beebe
(b) Bradlee
(c) Benton
(d) Kay

3. What is the title that Kay assumes when she becomes an active leader in the Post?
(a) Editor
(b) President
(c) Chairperson
(d) Board member

4. Kay believes that after Phil's suicide, she has lost Phil _____________.
(a) Twice.
(b) Easily.
(c) Forever.
(d) Completely.

5. Kay realizes she has been conditioned to work and to deal only with __________ people - something which needs to change.
(a) Important
(b) Uneducated
(c) Manipulative
(d) Lower

6. Nixon suggests that Kay invite ___________ to an editorial luncheon to brief editors on Vietnam policy.
(a) Henry Kissinger
(b) Spiro Agnew
(c) Lyndon Johnson
(d) Steve Truman

7. Who leads the union at the time of the union disputes at the Post?
(a) Jim Cooper
(b) Brian Flores
(c) John Dugan
(d) Ben Bradlee

8. Kay resents ____________'s unwillingness to accept her, but is intimidated and defers to his ideas.
(a) Bradlee
(b) Sweeterman
(c) Elliott
(d) Benton

9. Kay declares that she will work, but that she will not __________ - the opposite of what many expected her to do.
(a) Use the trust money
(b) Remarry
(c) Work at the Post
(d) Stay single

10. Kay's friend Polly Wisner's husband also ___________, just as Kay's husband Phil did.
(a) Commits suicide
(b) Has an affair
(c) Likes the country
(d) Runs a paper

11. What does Phil have to cut back on since Kay is ill, helping his mental health tremendously?
(a) Time overseas
(b) Drinking
(c) Work schedule
(d) Social schedule

12. To what movement is Kay finally awakening, causing her to take action for the cause?
(a) Health care
(b) Women's
(c) Drug control
(d) Black's

13. Kay actually told Women's Wear Daily back in 1969 that a ___________ would be better suited to her job than she.
(a) Reporter
(b) Monkey
(c) Woman
(d) Man

14. Concerned about his place in history, LBJ has brought masses of top secret documents about ____________.
(a) Nixon
(b) England
(c) Cuba
(d) Vietnam

15. It comes out that Nixon has a _____________ about which he has apparently forgotten.
(a) Secret video
(b) Paper trail
(c) Voice-activated taping system
(d) Journal

Short Answer Questions

1. Kay hesitates, but eventually accepts an invitation to cruise the Greek islands with ____________.

2. Kay realizes that Capote only wants her around at his party in order to re-energize after ______________.

3. What is the category under which the paper wins the Pulitzer Prize for the work on the DNC break in?

4. The Post acquires Kaplan ___________ and stock shares in various newspapers in order to secure its financial stability.

5. The White House plays down fears that the company's _________ might be in danger when the time comes for renewal.

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