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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the nickname the children have for their initial caretaker?
(a) Miss Fitch
(b) Powelly
(c) Maria
(d) Madame Powell

2. Though her parents oppose the ______________, Kay supports this idea.
(a) New Deal
(b) Communists
(c) Jewish liberation
(d) Stock Exchange

3. Father finds Kay too __________ for the London School of Economics.
(a) Scattered
(b) Smart
(c) Quiet
(d) Immature

4. When the costs at the Post are closely ____________, then the Post begins to make more money than the Star.
(a) Ignored
(b) Controlled
(c) Enjoyed
(d) Calculated

5. To where does Phil transfer when he finds the Office of Strategic Services too political?
(a) Marines
(b) Navy
(c) Peace Corps
(d) Air corps

6. Of what person does Agnes become a protegee during the early years of her marriage to Eugene?
(a) Charles Lang Freer
(b) Carl Jung
(c) Rollo May
(d) Sigmund Freud

7. The ____________, unlike Father, cannot subsidize the losses of the paper and are fortunate the CBS radio operation is profitable.
(a) Grahams
(b) Meyers
(c) McCarthys
(d) Bradlees

8. Who do Kay's friends find most intimidating when they are over at her house?
(a) Elizabeth
(b) Ruth
(c) Mother
(d) Kay

9. Who do Kay and Phil support in the election year, though her parents do not agree with her?
(a) FDR
(b) Nixon
(c) Eisenhower
(d) LBJ

10. The _______________ raises a furor over Kay working without pay at the Mount Vernon Argus.
(a) Journalist's Society
(b) Parents
(c) Red Party
(d) Newspaper Guild

11. What is the name of the journal of the New School for Social Research that Agnes helps to co-found and edit?
(a) 291
(b) The Tidal
(c) Crimson
(d) The Inner Work

12. To where do Agnes and Eugene finally move their children to live?
(a) Virginia
(b) Florida
(c) Delaware
(d) Washington

13. Why is the person in #55 not keen on Phil marrying Kay?
(a) Kay is rich
(b) Kay is a Jew
(c) Phil is too foolish
(d) Phil is already engaged

14. Kay takes a great part in ______________ when not attending to Phil and to his recovery.
(a) Social causes
(b) Her father's care
(c) The newspaper
(d) The work of her mother

15. Kay keeps tabs on a ________ full of strikebreakers making the rounds of the waterfront.
(a) Factory
(b) Room
(c) Boxcar
(d) House

Short Answer Questions

1. _____________, nearing seventy, is enjoying recognition for his/her diverse and useful work.

2. What does the family friend from #25 persuade Father to purchase?

3. To what school does Kay transfer after not going to the London School of Economics?

4. What is the major that Kay eventually declares when she is at college?

5. Kay is charmed by Phil's ability to penetrate ___________ when they talk with each other.

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