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1. Kay states in her book that Agnes did not fall in love with Eugene instantly. What was she attracted to in him?

Agnes was attracted to his wealth and to Eugene's generosity at first, though he instantly falls for her.

2. What does Agnes consider to be a part of the contract of marriage in terms of duties?

Agnes believes that in marriage, one should have children, raise children, run the household, and act as a hostess to guests.

3. Why does Agnes go to Europe for two months after the birth of her daughter, Elizabeth?

Agnes goes to Europe after the birth of her daughter, in order to rekindle her artistic interests and to restore her commitment to her difficult marriage.

4. Whom do Eugene and Agnes hire during the course of their around-the-world honeymoon?

Eugene and Agnes hire Margaret Ellen Powell, a woman who will be destined to raise the five Meyer children.

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