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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 27.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Philip Graham is first ________ for Supreme Court Justice Stanley Reed and in line for a job with Frankfurter.
(a) Clerking
(b) Campaigning
(c) Interning
(d) Advising

2. Newsweek does less well financially than the Post because _________ is lenient with the editors.
(a) Bradlee
(b) Beebe
(c) Kay
(d) Benton

3. Kay actually told Women's Wear Daily back in 1969 that a ___________ would be better suited to her job than she.
(a) Man
(b) Woman
(c) Reporter
(d) Monkey

4. The guild continues to rally the_______, but it seems to pull an unwise stunt every time resolve begins to falter.
(a) Editors
(b) Accountants
(c) Writers
(d) Managers

5. Kay continues to lean heavily on _______ who helps her with running her company and keeping it financially secure.
(a) Mother
(b) Cissy
(c) Buffet
(d) Bradlee

Short Answer Questions

1. Reston and the New York Times detect ___________ in the South but agree to kill the story for the White House.

2. Men and women typically __________ after dinner in Washington, but as Kay rebels, the practice disappears all over Washington.

3. What is the title that Kay assumes when she becomes an active leader in the Post?

4. Kay's _________ celebration is more restrained than most, though she meets a good friend there.

5. What college does Kay first attend, learning to survive by bumping into reality?

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