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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the nickname of family friend Eleanor Medill Patterson?
(a) Lovey
(b) Tissa
(c) Cissy
(d) Lili

2. What does Agnes do for two months after the birth of Elizabeth in 1914?
(a) Stays in a mental ward
(b) Stays at home with her
(c) Travels around Europe
(d) Runs for office

3. The _______________ raises a furor over Kay working without pay at the Mount Vernon Argus.
(a) Newspaper Guild
(b) Parents
(c) Journalist's Society
(d) Red Party

4. At what school does Agnes attend courses during her marriage to Eugene?
(a) Harvard
(b) Columbia
(c) Vassar
(d) Yale

5. Eugene Meyer is a 32-year-old self-made millionaire _________ and art collector.
(a) Oil man
(b) Boxer
(c) Philanthropist
(d) Broker

Short Answer Questions

1. Margaret Ellen Powell is hired by the Meyerses in order to raise the ________ children they will eventually have.

2. What kind of man does Eugene sign up to be in Washington, serving on the War Industries Board?

3. What college does Kay first attend, learning to survive by bumping into reality?

4. What is NOT one of the duties that Agnes feels she has to do as a part of her marriage contract?

5. Kay cannot help being a _________ and a guileless tattletale when she is younger.

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