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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Kay does not join the ____________ party, choosing to remain the good girl, even though many of her friends have joined.
(a) Democratic
(b) Republican
(c) Communist
(d) Fascist

2. The _______________ raises a furor over Kay working without pay at the Mount Vernon Argus.
(a) Newspaper Guild
(b) Red Party
(c) Journalist's Society
(d) Parents

3. What does Kay write for the first year at her father's newspaper?
(a) Sports articles
(b) Light editorials
(c) Front page news
(d) Classifieds

4. What kind of man does Eugene sign up to be in Washington, serving on the War Industries Board?
(a) Congressman
(b) All the answers man
(c) Yes man
(d) Dollar a year man

5. Kay's _________ celebration is more restrained than most, though she meets a good friend there.
(a) Graduation
(b) Birthday
(c) Coming out
(d) Engagement

Short Answer Questions

1. Kay is charmed by Phil's ability to penetrate ___________ when they talk with each other.

2. Which of the sisters suffers the most from parental inattention of all in the family?

3. Kay cannot help being a _________ and a guileless tattletale when she is younger.

4. Philip Graham is first ________ for Supreme Court Justice Stanley Reed and in line for a job with Frankfurter.

5. What city does Kay find to be a vibrant, youthful city, swept clean of stodginess?

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