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Phil Graham - This character is the son of a gruff, hardworking farmer-politician father and schoolteacher mother, Northerners who migrated to Florida before the Depression.

Eugene Isaac Meyer - This character is born in 1875 in Los Angeles and raised by his dominating eldest sister.

Agnes Ernst Meyer - This character is born in 1887 in New York City, descended from a long line of German Lutheran ministers.

Spiro T. Agnew - This character's nomination is called the most bizarre appointment since Caligula named his horse a consul of Rome.

Fritz Beebe - This character is the lawyer who helps with the purchase the Times-Herald and Newsweek while working for the Cravath law firm.

Carl Bernstein - One of the pair of investigative reporters that traces responsibility for the Watergate break-in back to the Oval Office. This character is messy and undisciplined but also creative, imaginative and a good...

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