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Chapter 1

• The story of Katharine's parents is told.

• Agnes, Katharine's mother, tries to be an individual in her life.

• Eugene, Katharine's father, tries his hand at business.

Chapter 2

• Katharine's parents go off to Washington, leaving the children alone for 4 years.

• The children are moved to Washington eventually.

• Each of the children has a different reaction to the lives of their parents.

• Kay's life is filled with lessons she enjoys or excels at.

• Kay is the president of her University of Chicago class and a member of the school paper.

• Three taboos exist in the Meyer household - wealth, religion, and sex.

Chapter 3

• Father buys the Washington Post to help rescue it from debt and receivership.

• The new paper does well, but continues to lose money even though it is taken seriously by many.

Chapter 4

• Kay goes to Vassar in 1934.

• Kay's political work begins to take shape.

• Kay begins...

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