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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was Anoosh involved in politics?
(a) Isfahan
(b) Savah
(c) Azerbaijan
(d) Teheran

2. What was Iran’s name from the sixth century B.C. till 1935?
(a) Syria
(b) Aryana
(c) Persia
(d) Iran

3. How do Satrapi’s parents justify remaining in Iran?
(a) They know that they will be prevented from leaving
(b) They do not wish to take lowly work abroad
(c) They cannot afford to make the trip
(d) They think they can still make a difference in Iran

4. Where does Satrapi’s mother tell Marjane Anoosh has gone?
(a) To prison
(b) To visit his mother in another city
(c) To America
(d) To Russia

5. Why did Satrapi’s mother dye her hair?
(a) Because she wanted to look younger and had too much gray hair
(b) Because she had been photographed at a protest against the government
(c) Because she had been caught stealing from her job
(d) Because she had been mistaken for a Westerner and did not want to give that impression

Short Answer Questions

1. What household item does Mohsen say was used for torturing his friend Ahmadi?

2. What statistic does Marjane offer to Anoosh’s political discussion?

3. What changed for Marjane Satrapi in the year when her story begins?

4. What assurance does Satrapi’s mother give her after she is upset about torturers?

5. What was Siamak’s crime?

Short Essay Questions

1. What causes the Satrapi family to go on vacation to Europe?

2. What changes did the Shah make in Iran when he was installed in the 1950s?

3. Describe the events that led up the Shah’s fall.

4. What naïve view of Satrapi’s do Anoosh and her parents disabuse her of at the beginning of Chapter 9: The Sheep?

5. What traumatic experience does Satrapi’s mother have?

6. What is Satrapi’s family’s connection to the revolution?

7. What trouble does Satrapi’s relationship with Mehri cause?

8. How does Satrapi’s status as a child create humor in Persepolis?

9. What kinds of torture do Siamak and Mohsen describe having suffered in prison?

10. What kind of future does Satrapi expect for herself, at the beginning of Persepolis?

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