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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Satrapi characterize her mother, in relation to other Iranian mothers?
(a) Very permissive
(b) Horribly strained
(c) A total pushover
(d) Exceedingly strict

2. To what state does Satrapi’s father’s passport forbid travel?
(a) Palestine
(b) Italy
(c) Russia
(d) America

3. Why does Satrapi say the government has not already closed the place her friends take her to?
(a) They tolerated it
(b) They ran it themselves
(c) They owners paid them protection money
(d) They did not know about it

4. Who does Satrapi find hanging out at the place her friends take her to?
(a) Teenagers
(b) No one
(c) Guardians of the Revolution
(d) Old women

5. What other rituals does Satrapi describe?
(a) Ritual murders
(b) Suicides
(c) Flagellations
(d) Sacrificial offerings

6. What advice does Satrapi’s mother give her?
(a) Flee from hostilities that will not end
(b) Protest the government until the government changes
(c) Let the wave of war pass over her
(d) Protest her conscience is satisfied

7. How much does the family receive for the dowry of the murdered girl Satrapi’s mother tells her about?
(a) $5
(b) $5,000
(c) $500
(d) $50

8. What does Iraq start to fire at Iranian cities?
(a) Poison gas
(b) Ballistic missiles
(c) Biological weapons
(d) Heavy artillery

9. What are Satrapi and her friends asked to do in school?
(a) Tear their hair
(b) Beat their breasts
(c) Utter ritualistic cries
(d) Lament for the dead

10. What is the result of the confrontation involving Satrapi and her teacher over Satrapi’s bracelet?
(a) She has to work for six weeks to atone
(b) She has her parents pay the schools to keep her
(c) She has to be expelled
(d) She has to be arrested

11. What did Satrapi’s mother make for her when she went to her first party?
(a) A beautiful hat
(b) A punk necklace
(c) A new sweater
(d) A delicate bracelet

12. What does the attack in Chapter 11 make Satrapi want to do?
(a) Go to Europe
(b) Fight the Iraqis
(c) Write a book
(d) Beat up the military

13. How does Satrapi’s father react to the trouble she gets into at school?
(a) He is proud of her
(b) He is afraid for her
(c) He is ashamed of her
(d) He is grateful to her

14. What rare music does Satrapi hear on the TV after the Iraqi bombing?
(a) Traditional Iranian folk music
(b) Western rock and roll
(c) Western advertisements
(d) The Iranian national anthem

15. What does Satrapi visit at Gandhi Avenue?
(a) The music store
(b) Her friend's house
(c) The black market
(d) A Western restaurant

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Satrapi tell Pardisse after they give their reports?

2. What work did Satrapi and her friends do for the war effort?

3. How does Satrapi say the rituals were viewed?

4. Where does Satrapi tell her teacher she got her bracelet?

5. How does Satrapi characterize herself at age 14?

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