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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many political prisoners were released at the beginning of Chapter 7: The Heroes?
(a) 3,000
(b) 300
(c) 150
(d) 15,000

2. To whom does Marjane Satrapi compare her favorite writer, Ashraf Darvishian?
(a) Jane Austen
(b) Walt Whitman
(c) Charles Dickens
(d) Herman Melville

3. What did Iran’s geographical position dispose it toward?
(a) Agriculture
(b) Invasion
(c) Wealth
(d) Isolation

4. What was Mohsen’s crime?
(a) Petty theft
(b) Owning a banned book
(c) Revolutionary activity
(d) Advocating free markets

5. What is Marjane Satrapi’s relation to the deposed king?
(a) He was her great-uncle
(b) He was her uncle
(c) He was her grandfather
(d) He was her great-grandfather

6. How much older than Satrapi is Mehri, the maid?
(a) Eighteen years
(b) Ten years
(c) Three years
(d) Twelve years

7. What service did Satrapi perform for Mehri?
(a) She read and wrote her letters
(b) She cleaned up after her in her room
(c) She taught her how to read and write
(d) She took care of the pet birds

8. What is Satrapi’s reaction to her father’s reaction to the romance between Mehri and the neighbor boy?
(a) She complains to her mother
(b) She protests it
(c) She continues writing letters
(d) She sulks in her room

9. How do the Guardians of the Revolution intimidate Siamak?
(a) They leave a dead dog on his doorstep
(b) They have him fired from his job
(c) They kill his sister
(d) They beat him

10. What is Satrapi’s mother pressured to do?
(a) Have sex with the Guardians of the Revolution
(b) Wear a veil
(c) Pay bribes to the Guardians of the Revolution
(d) Leave the country

11. Why does Satrapi love Anoosh right away?
(a) Because he helped to bring about regime change
(b) Because he is well-traveled and well-cultured
(c) Because he has studied dialectic materialism
(d) Because he suffered under the previous regime

12. What does Marjane Satrapi want to hurt her classmate Ramin for?
(a) Her father's actions under the Shah
(b) His Jewishness
(c) His family being rich while others suffered
(d) His personal insults toward her

13. How did Siamak ultimately flee Iran?
(a) In a passenger jet
(b) In a truck
(c) In a cargo ship
(d) In a flock of sheep

14. What does Marjane get in trouble for telling her friend about her father, who is in prison?
(a) That he is probably dead
(b) That he has probably been eaten
(c) That he is probably in America
(d) That he will never come home

15. What household item does Mohsen say was used for torturing his friend Ahmadi?
(a) A stove
(b) Knives
(c) An iron
(d) A sponge

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Satrapi say Islam is against?

2. What began to happen regularly after Black Friday?

3. What was Iran’s name from the sixth century B.C. till 1935?

4. What does Satrapi’s mother say about torturers?

5. When was Fereydoon’s son conceived?

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