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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 7-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Iran’s name from the sixth century B.C. till 1935?
(a) Aryana
(b) Persia
(c) Iran
(d) Syria

2. What does Marjane get in trouble for telling her friend about her father, who is in prison?
(a) That he will never come home
(b) That he is probably dead
(c) That he is probably in America
(d) That he has probably been eaten

3. Where is Ashraf Darvishian from?
(a) He is an Afghan
(b) He is a Turk
(c) He is Kurdish
(d) He is an American

4. What was Satrapi’s grandfather’s role in the Iranian government?
(a) He was a local leader
(b) He was prime minister
(c) He was king
(d) He was a political prisoner

5. When does Satrapi’s account of Iranian history begin?
(a) 1980
(b) 800 AD
(c) 610 AD
(d) 2000 BC

Short Answer Questions

1. What began to happen regularly after Black Friday?

2. Why does Satrapi say that writing Persepolis was important to her?

3. Where does Mohsen say his torturers got training in torture?

4. What advice does Satrapi give at the end of her introduction?

5. How much older than Satrapi is Mehri, the maid?

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