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Islamic Revolution

This took place in 1979, when Reza Shah was deposed, and Islamic fundamentalists took over. They outlawed anything derived from the Western lifestyle and made Islam the law of the land.


Satrapi and her family live in this urban center of Iranian culture. The city is bombed by long-range Iraqi missiles during Iran’s war with Iraq.


At the end of Persepolis, Satrapi is sent to study in here. There is a good international school there, and her parents have a friend who lives there.

Western clothes and rock and roll paraphernalia

The Guardians of the Revolution are strict in patrolling for evidence of subversion of the laws of Islam, but Satrapi and her friends procure Michael Jackson buttons, denim jackets and Western music in the black market.

The Black Market

This exists in certain neighborhoods where people can buy and sell things that the...

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