Daily Lessons for Teaching Persepolis: the Story of a Childhood

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Lesson 1


As we read Satrapi’s writing and look at her images, we are also reading her personality, and the voice of the person who will be talking to us through the book. This lesson discusses Satrapi’s authorial character.


1. Characterization: How does Satrapi characterize herself in this book? What do we know about her personally? What can we tell by context and by interpolation?

2. Small Group Discussion: Ask students to work together in small groups to characterize Satrapi’s personality as an author. What kinds of topics is she comfortable with? What kind of vocabulary and interest and depth does she bring to the topics that interest her? Ask each group to report back to the class after some time for discussion.

3. Class Discussion: What topics does Satrapi NOT talk about? What does she omit from her chapters—feelings, politics, philosophy, analysis, etc.? What place...

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