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Short Answer Questions

1. At this point who is the only person being called as a witness in the investigation?

2. What is Mrs. Croft's real last name?

3. Which character makes his first appearance in this part of the story?

4. Poirot questions why ____ did not go out to see the fireworks.

5. The guests at End House are under the impression that Nick has _____.

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the meeting between Poirot, Hastings and Inspector Japp.

2. Why is Poirot so curious about Ellen's whereabouts, the secret panel and J.?

3. What does Poirot show using the list he made previously?

4. What is Poirot's suggestion in regards to clearing up the mystery of the will?

5. Explain Hastings' role at this time.

6. Discuss the scene in which Vyse reads Nick's will.

7. What does Poirot learn about the will during the next visit to see Nick?

8. What is the obvious solution to the crime now that Freddie's husband is dead?

9. What is Poirot's next step?

10. List at least some of the questions Poirot has about the people on the list.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Christie's brilliant use of foreshadowing throughout the book. Give at least three examples of foreshadowing. Give details and the purpose of using the technique. How else could the reader learn about the important information? What other technique might have been used?

Foreshadowing also applies to the characters, not just events. Name at least one instance pertaining to each character in the story. Explain the significance of the method in regards to the character as well as the story. Also point out if Poirot is able to pick up on the clues and how they shape his opinion and investigation.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout Agatha Christie's mysteries, there are almost always staff members or servants of some kind. This is especially important in "Peril at End House." In this instance, Ellen clearly knows more than she is willing to share. The same can be said of Ellen's husband and son. Examine how servants play an important role in the lives of the characters as well as in the stories. Why does Christie use this method of introducing characters? Is the use of servants a part of every day life for this type of main characters or are they used to distract the reader? In murder mysteries, servants are often used as scapegoats. Is this an accurate portrayal? What is required of the servants upon being employed? Is the employer's level of trust given automatically or does it have to be earned?

Essay Topic 3

End House is an old family home perched upon a cliff on the Cornish coast. Discuss End House. When was the house built? Who built it? Who owns it? What is the state of the house at this point? Why does Ellen say that the house is evil? How is the lodge connected to the house? How was the house used in at least one crime? Why is Nick so fanatically devoted to the house? What will happen to the house since Nick has departed?

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