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Short Answer Questions

1. When fishing, how long are the workdays of crew members aboard the Andrea Gail?

2. What is Billy Tyne's primary reason for wanting to stay out longer aboard the Andrea Gail?

3. According to weather reports, what type of foul weather condition is taking place in Bermuda?

4. What does Junger NOT imply toward families who lost loved ones with respect to the title, "The Perfect Storm"?

5. Why does Adam Randall decide not to join the crew of the Andrea Gail on the particular fishing trip described in "The Perfect Storm"?

Short Essay Questions

1. Are there any positive universal elements contained in the note found in the bottle floating along the coast of Massachusetts?

2. Are there any portions of the book that challenge author Sebastian Junger's vision-based pledge to limit his narrative solely to fact?

3. What are the possible reasons that Chapter 1 is italicized in its entirety?

4. What is the value and mechanical status of the Andrea Gail as recorded between the late 1980's and the early 1990's?

5. Based on Junger's characterization of Andrea Gail and Hannah Bolen owner, Bob Brown, what can you write about his history in relation to other boats that he has owned in the past and any accidents within that time frame involving members of his crews?

6. How are swordfish known to adversely affect man's well-being?

7. What can you write about the life of Bobby Shatford based on Sebastian Junger's writing in Chapter 2?

8. Aside from wanting to report the destruction and imminent sinking of his ship, what other reasons could the writer of the note found in a bottle along the coast of Massachusetts in 1895 have had for writing the note and placing it in a bottle?

9. Explain the fishing process called "haul back" that is explained in Chapter 3 of "The Perfect Storm".

10. What type of impression does Sebastian Junger make when he states that he intends to base his writing of "The Perfect Storm" solely on fact?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As The Satori begins to get pounded by the ferocious gale winds and waves during the storm, a disagreement between skipper Ray Leonard and his passenger, Karen Stimpson erupts. 1) What is the basis for the argument between Stimpson and Leonard? 2) Who is right? Why? Who is wrong? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Compare and contrast captains Billy Tyne and Albert Johnston. Which of the two shows more concern for his crew and passengers? Cite examples in support from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Is there a moral to the story that Junger presents in "The Perfect Storm"? If so, what is it? Cite how you were able to arrive at it.

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