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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of activity does Junger engage in before being able to describe events that occur during "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) Thoughts of a theoretical nature.
(b) He interviews patrons of "The Crow's Nest".
(c) Guesswork.
(d) Literary research.

2. What can be considered the main contributing factor to the Andrea Gail succumbing to "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) The inexpensive plywood that was used for its construction.
(b) The sailcloth that was used to construct the sail of the Andrea Gail is too heavy.
(c) The boxy construction of the Andrea Gail does not give much to the movement of the sea or during a storm.
(d) The inexperience of its captain and crew.

3. Where does the crew of the Andrea Gail spot the Mary T?
(a) Off the coast of Newfoundland.
(b) In the Grand Banks area.
(c) Near Georges Bank.
(d) Off the coast of Gloucester.

4. Who expresses concerns to the person in charge of manning the Satori about the stormy weather that is likely to confront them should they continue toward their destination?
(a) Mary Anne Shatford.
(b) Karen Stimpson.
(c) Christine Cotter.
(d) Sue Bylander.

5. What region serves as a route through which the cold front that becomes part of "the mix" passes to join two other meteorological events to collectively create "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) North Pole.
(b) Canadian Shield.
(c) Newfoundland.
(d) Arctic Circle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What serves as Sebastian Junger's source for conversations that take place among characters in "The Perfect Storm"?

2. Who does Sebastian Junger depend on for information to include in his narrative about the events surrounding the preparation and departure of the Andrea Gail from Gloucester?

3. According to the note found in a bottle in Chapter One, what parts of its boat of origin are missing?

4. According to Junger, fishermen enter their profession via which of the following routes listed?

5. How many miles does the Andrea Gail log over the course of four days?

Short Essay Questions

1. What type of genre does Sebastian Junger drift to in his writing of "The Perfect Storm"?

2. Based on Junger's characterization of Andrea Gail and Hannah Bolen owner, Bob Brown, what can you write about his history in relation to other boats that he has owned in the past and any accidents within that time frame involving members of his crews?

3. What is the vision that author Sebastian Junger has for "The Perfect Storm"?

4. What are the possible reasons that Chapter 1 is italicized in its entirety?

5. What happened when the United States government relaxed standards for mercury?

6. In Chapter 3, Junger offers an extended biographic sketch of Andrea Gail Captain, Billy Tyne. What can you write about Tyne's early life based on Junger's writing?

7. Why is it likely that Sebastian Junger may have felt compelled to state that his use of the term, "Perfect Storm" was limited to a meteorological sense?

8. What are the ways that Junger explains that taverns in Gloucester double as "orphanages" for local fishermen?

9. How are fishermen characterized in "The Perfect Storm"?

10. What is the purpose of Sebastian Junger asking questions such as, "How do men act in a sinking ship? Do they cry?"

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