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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After a month at sea, where does the Mary T make port?
(a) Gloucester, Massachusetts.
(b) Boston, Massachusetts.
(c) Worcester, Massachusetts.
(d) Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

2. What type of fishing is conducted aboard the ill-fated boat upon which the note in the bottle is penned?
(a) Trout fishing.
(b) Swordfish fishing.
(c) Tuna fishing.
(d) Mackerel fishing.

3. What information source does Sebastian Junger state that he uses for compiling the direct quotes alluded to characters in "The Perfect Storm" ?
(a) Gloucester town gossip.
(b) United States Coast Guard records.
(c) Gloucester Gazette newspaper.
(d) Interview he conducts with the principals.

4. According to Junger, what year were spotter planes first used to locate fish?
(a) 1967.
(b) 1952.
(c) 1962.
(d) 1955.

5. In retrospect, what is the best label to attach to Junger's narrative in "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) Fantasy-based account of true events.
(b) Theoretical account of true events.
(c) Fictionalized account of true events.
(d) True account of true events.

6. Who aboard the Andrea Gail is able to survive "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) Michael Moran.
(b) Alfred Pierre.
(c) No one.
(d) Billy Tyne.

7. What group, if any, provides Sebastian Junger with the basis upon which he creates the tragedy that strikes the Andrea Gail?
(a) No group. Sebastian Junger creates the events surrounding the tragedy that struck aboard the Andrea Gail.
(b) Support group comprised of family members who lost loved ones aboard the Andrea Gail.
(c) Local fishermen who have survived similar storms.
(d) The United States Coast Guard which grants Junger access to a collection of incident reports detailing ship disasters in the same area where disaster hits the Andrea Gail.

8. Who replaces Adam Randall as a crew member aboard the Andrea Gail?
(a) Dale Murphy.
(b) "Sully" Sullivan.
(c) Bobby Shatford.
(d) "Bugsy" Moran.

9. What year does disaster strike the boat upon which the note in a bottle was written?
(a) 1896.
(b) 1894.
(c) 1898.
(d) 1890.

10. Since 1650, how many fisherman from Gloucester have died at sea?
(a) More than 3,000.
(b) More than 20,000.
(c) More than 7,000.
(d) More than 10,000.

11. Why does Adam Randall decide not to join the crew of the Andrea Gail on the particular fishing trip described in "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) His mother becomes gravely ill and Adam feels that he cannot leave.
(b) He forgets to pack his blood pressure medication and is unable to leave without it.
(c) Adam slips, falls, and fractures his back, leaving him unable to travel.
(d) Adam has a premonition of disaster.

12. What is the theme of the book that is also the theme of Chapter 2?
(a) "Fishing is dangerous".
(b) "Fishing as a Subculture".
(c) "Never tempt fate."
(d) "Sailors are people, too".

13. Which of the time frames listed corresponds best to the setting of "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) March, 1993.
(b) January, 1985.
(c) October, 1991.
(d) July, 1992.

14. Ethel Shatford, the mother of Andrea Gail crew member Bobby Shatford works as a bartender at which of the taverns listed?
(a) "The Constant Wave".
(b) "The Crow's Nest".
(c) "Capistrano".
(d) "The Ship's Wheel".

15. What type of refuge are the taverns around the fishing village in "The Perfect Storm" known to serve as for local fishermen?
(a) Community centers.
(b) Orphanages.
(c) Homes away from home.
(d) Support group meeting places.

Short Answer Questions

1. The manner in which Sebastian Junger writes Chapter One makes it resemble what type of narrative source?

2. According to weather reports, what type of foul weather condition is taking place in Bermuda?

3. What is one of the key questions that Junger asks himself in relation to the men aboard the ill-fated mackerel schooner?

4. What source does Sebastian Junger use to reconstruct the disaster that befalls the Andrea Gail?

5. How many miles does the Andrea Gail log over the course of four days?

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