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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can be considered the main contributing factor to the Andrea Gail succumbing to "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) The inexperience of its captain and crew.
(b) The sailcloth that was used to construct the sail of the Andrea Gail is too heavy.
(c) The inexpensive plywood that was used for its construction.
(d) The boxy construction of the Andrea Gail does not give much to the movement of the sea or during a storm.

2. What is it that the author(s) of the note found in a bottle in Chapter One ask for via the note?
(a) The crew member asks God to have mercy on him and his fellow crew members.
(b) The crew member asks that whoever finds his note take all necessary steps to locate a rescue team to help him and his fellow crew members to shore.
(c) The crew member asks that the families of all of the crew members be notified of the crew members' deaths.
(d) The crew member asks that only his family members be notified of his death at sea.

3. Who replaces Adam Randall as a crew member aboard the Andrea Gail?
(a) Dale Murphy.
(b) "Sully" Sullivan.
(c) Bobby Shatford.
(d) "Bugsy" Moran.

4. Select the phrase that corresponds to the label attached to fishing around the village from which the Andrea Gail sets sail.
(a) "Fishing is simple and fun."
(b) "Fishing is educational and entertaining."
(c) "Fishing is a dangerous and unskilled profession."
(d) "Fishing is relaxing and serene."

5. According to author Sebastian Junger, what does a puncture wound from a swordfish mean?
(a) Instant infection.
(b) Instant blood clotting.
(c) Instant death.
(d) Instant blood poisoning.

6. What type of refuge are the taverns around the fishing village in "The Perfect Storm" known to serve as for local fishermen?
(a) Homes away from home.
(b) Support group meeting places.
(c) Orphanages.
(d) Community centers.

7. What is one of the key questions that Junger asks himself in relation to the men aboard the ill-fated mackerel schooner?
(a) "Do they cry?"
(b) "Did they ever make it back home?
(c) "What did they do with the mackerel that they had caught?"
(d) "Did they try to get help from neighboring schooners?

8. When fishing, how long are the workdays of crew members aboard the Andrea Gail?
(a) 24 hours.
(b) 12 hours.
(c) 8 hours.
(d) 18 hours.

9. What year does disaster strike the boat upon which the note in a bottle was written?
(a) 1890.
(b) 1898.
(c) 1896.
(d) 1894.

10. In retrospect, what is the best label to attach to Junger's narrative in "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) Theoretical account of true events.
(b) Fictionalized account of true events.
(c) Fantasy-based account of true events.
(d) True account of true events.

11. Who does Sebastian Junger depend on for information to include in his narrative about the events surrounding the preparation and departure of the Andrea Gail from Gloucester?
(a) Christine Cotter who has witnessed the preparation and departure of the Andrea Gail.
(b) Adam Randall who witnesses the preparation and departure of the Andrea Gail.
(c) Junger depends on himself. He creates the events surrounding the preparation and departure of the Andrea Gail.
(d) Bobby Stratford's mother who runs "The Crow's Nest" and who has witnessed the preparation and departure of the Andrea Gail.

12. According to Junger, what year were spotter planes first used to locate fish?
(a) 1952.
(b) 1967.
(c) 1962.
(d) 1955.

13. According to weather reports, what type of foul weather condition is taking place in Bermuda?
(a) A typhoon.
(b) A hurricane.
(c) A hail storm accompanied by tornados.
(d) A series of severe thunderstorms.

14. What source does Sebastian Junger use to reconstruct the disaster that befalls the Andrea Gail?
(a) Christine Cotter who claims that she has maintained contact with Bobby Stratford throughout the disaster.
(b) A Gloucester fisherman who has witnessed the tragedy aboard the Andrea Gail.
(c) The incident report about the disaster on file with the United States Coast Guard.
(d) His mind. He creates an account detailing the disaster.

15. According to the note found in a bottle in Chapter One, what parts of its boat of origin are missing?
(a) Yards and line.
(b) Mast and sail.
(c) Hatch lid and canvas.
(d) Cable and rudder.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who owns the Andrea Gail?

2. Who is the crew keeping in radio contact with when disaster strikes the Andrea Gail?

3. What profession did Billy Tyne want to pursue before becoming a fisherman?

4. The writing style of which popular author listed below, along with his respective work listed alongside his name can be compared to the writing style that is employed by Sebastian Junger in "The Perfect Storm"?

5. Ethel Shatford, the mother of Andrea Gail crew member Bobby Shatford works as a bartender at which of the taverns listed?

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