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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The manner in which Sebastian Junger writes Chapter One makes it resemble what type of narrative source?
(a) A dream or a memory.
(b) A verbatim account of verbal exchanges that he recorded between a couple of patrons at "The Crow's Nest".
(c) A United States Coast Guard incident report.
(d) A series of verbal exchanges between Junger and a crew member whom he has interviewed.

2. According to the note found in a bottle in Chapter One, what parts of its boat of origin are missing?
(a) Mast and sail.
(b) Hatch lid and canvas.
(c) Yards and line.
(d) Cable and rudder.

3. What does the fishing term "haul back" mean?
(a) Sailing the fishing boat back to the fishing dock.
(b) Tossing the inedible fish in the fishing net back into the ocean.
(c) Transporting the catch back to the fishing village dock.
(d) Checking the line for weight or fish biting and then hauling the fish onto the boat.

4. After a month at sea, where does the Mary T make port?
(a) Boston, Massachusetts.
(b) Fairhaven, Massachusetts.
(c) Worcester, Massachusetts.
(d) Gloucester, Massachusetts.

5. What do the crew members of the Andrea Gail spend most of their time doing on the week that the boat travels up and the week that the boat travels back from a fishing trip?
(a) Maintaining life-saving equipment aboard.
(b) Cleaning and preparing equipment for processing fish.
(c) Preparing reports on their projected catch on the week that the boat travels up, and preparing actual catch reports on the week that the boat travels back from a fishing trip.
(d) Relaxing and sleeping.

6. What profession did Billy Tyne want to pursue before becoming a fisherman?
(a) A dentist.
(b) A lawyer.
(c) A psychologist.
(d) A marine biologist.

7. What type of boat is the note writer in Chapter One aboard?
(a) A schooner.
(b) A ketch.
(c) A dinghy.
(d) A pontoon.

8. What serves as Sebastian Junger's source for conversations that take place among characters in "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) United States Coast Guard incident reports.
(b) His mind. He makes up conversations among the crew of the Andrea Gail.
(c) Audio tapes recorded by the crew of the Andrea Gail.
(d) Ship's log aboard the Andrea Gail.

9. What is it that the author(s) of the note found in a bottle in Chapter One ask for via the note?
(a) The crew member asks that whoever finds his note take all necessary steps to locate a rescue team to help him and his fellow crew members to shore.
(b) The crew member asks God to have mercy on him and his fellow crew members.
(c) The crew member asks that only his family members be notified of his death at sea.
(d) The crew member asks that the families of all of the crew members be notified of the crew members' deaths.

10. According to Junger, fishermen enter their profession via which of the following routes listed?
(a) They enter it to provide for their families.
(b) Fishermen wander into fishing because their fathers, uncles, brothers, friends and other men in their lives are in it..
(c) They pursue and obtain a college education in marine biology.
(d) Fishermen openly choose the fishing profession.

11. What year does disaster strike the boat upon which the note in a bottle was written?
(a) 1896.
(b) 1894.
(c) 1890.
(d) 1898.

12. Who replaces Adam Randall as a crew member aboard the Andrea Gail?
(a) Dale Murphy.
(b) "Sully" Sullivan.
(c) Bobby Shatford.
(d) "Bugsy" Moran.

13. Who expresses concerns to the person in charge of manning the Satori about the stormy weather that is likely to confront them should they continue toward their destination?
(a) Christine Cotter.
(b) Karen Stimpson.
(c) Mary Anne Shatford.
(d) Sue Bylander.

14. Select the phrase that corresponds to the label attached to fishing around the village from which the Andrea Gail sets sail.
(a) "Fishing is a dangerous and unskilled profession."
(b) "Fishing is simple and fun."
(c) "Fishing is educational and entertaining."
(d) "Fishing is relaxing and serene."

15. Where does the crew of the Andrea Gail spot the Mary T?
(a) In the Grand Banks area.
(b) Off the coast of Gloucester.
(c) Near Georges Bank.
(d) Off the coast of Newfoundland.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Junger NOT imply toward families who lost loved ones with respect to the title, "The Perfect Storm"?

2. Who keeps records aboard the Andrea Gail?

3. What is Andrea Gail crew member "Bugsy" Moran's real given name?

4. Where are the two passengers aboard the Satori headed?

5. Who is in charge of sailing the Satori?

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