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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The writing style of which popular author listed below, along with his respective work listed alongside his name can be compared to the writing style that is employed by Sebastian Junger in "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) Ernest Hemingway in his writing of "The Old Man and the Sea".
(b) Truman Capote in his writing of "In Cold Blood".
(c) Clive Cussler in his writing of "Dragon".
(d) Patrick O'Bryan in his writing of "The Reverse of the Medal".

2. Who is the captain of the Andrea Gail?
(a) Bobby Shatford.
(b) Billy Tyne.
(c) Alfred Pierre.
(d) Adam Randall.

3. What information source does Sebastian Junger state that he uses for compiling the direct quotes alluded to characters in "The Perfect Storm" ?
(a) Gloucester Gazette newspaper.
(b) United States Coast Guard records.
(c) Gloucester town gossip.
(d) Interview he conducts with the principals.

4. Select the phrase that corresponds to the label attached to fishing around the village from which the Andrea Gail sets sail.
(a) "Fishing is relaxing and serene."
(b) "Fishing is simple and fun."
(c) "Fishing is educational and entertaining."
(d) "Fishing is a dangerous and unskilled profession."

5. Who owns the Andrea Gail?
(a) Howard Blackburn.
(b) Linda Greenlaw.
(c) Alfred Pierre.
(d) Bob Brown.

6. Where does the crew of the Andrea Gail spot the Mary T?
(a) Near Georges Bank.
(b) Off the coast of Gloucester.
(c) Off the coast of Newfoundland.
(d) In the Grand Banks area.

7. What does Linda Greenlaw with the Hannah Bolen provide the captain of the Andrea Gail with when he indicates to her that he has not had a profitable fishing trip?
(a) Fuel.
(b) Map.
(c) Advice.
(d) Bait.

8. What is the primary reason that the English settle in Beauport around 1603?
(a) Because every family was being granted ten acres of land.
(b) Because of the abundance of cod.
(c) Because it was free from British rule.
(d) Because of the busy port.

9. According to Junger, what year were spotter planes first used to locate fish?
(a) 1967.
(b) 1952.
(c) 1955.
(d) 1962.

10. The manner in which Sebastian Junger writes Chapter One makes it resemble what type of narrative source?
(a) A United States Coast Guard incident report.
(b) A verbatim account of verbal exchanges that he recorded between a couple of patrons at "The Crow's Nest".
(c) A dream or a memory.
(d) A series of verbal exchanges between Junger and a crew member whom he has interviewed.

11. What is the name of the vessel upon which it is established that the note in the bottle was written?
(a) The Atlantic Seafarer.
(b) The Wyeth.
(c) The Falcon.
(d) The Dolan.

12. What ruined Billy Tyne's marriage to his wife, Jodi?
(a) His excessive drinking.
(b) Fishing took over his life.
(c) His excessive gambling at the local taverns.
(d) He had an affair with Bobby's sister, Mary Anne Shatford and Jodi found out about it.

13. Around 1605, what outcasts did the English join with to establish the settlement at Gloucester?
(a) Outcasts from Plymouth.
(b) Outcasts from France.
(c) Outcasts from Britain.
(d) Outcasts from Newfoundland.

14. How is Junger able to assist readers to differentiate direct quotes emanating from the characters throughout his narrative in "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) He uses italicization and quotation marks.
(b) He uses italicization only.
(c) He uses quotation marks only.
(d) He does not use quotation marks.

15. Which of the following sites are mentioned in Chapter Three as being two of the most dangerous places to fish?
(a) Gloucester Port and Boston Port.
(b) Grand Banks and Georges Bank.
(c) Gloucester Port and Fairhaven Port.
(d) Boston Port and Fairhaven Port.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of boat is the Satori?

2. According to Junger, fishermen enter their profession via which of the following routes listed?

3. What type of fishing is conducted aboard the ill-fated boat upon which the note in the bottle is penned?

4. Ultimately, how many pounds of fish are caught by the captain and crew of the Andrea Gail?

5. What type of basis does Sebastian Junger strive toward maintaining throughout his writing of "The Perfect Storm"?

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