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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the crew of the Andrea Gail spot the Mary T?
(a) Off the coast of Gloucester.
(b) Off the coast of Newfoundland.
(c) Near Georges Bank.
(d) In the Grand Banks area.

2. What year does disaster strike the boat upon which the note in a bottle was written?
(a) 1894.
(b) 1890.
(c) 1898.
(d) 1896.

3. What can be considered the main contributing factor to the Andrea Gail succumbing to "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) The sailcloth that was used to construct the sail of the Andrea Gail is too heavy.
(b) The inexperience of its captain and crew.
(c) The boxy construction of the Andrea Gail does not give much to the movement of the sea or during a storm.
(d) The inexpensive plywood that was used for its construction.

4. According to Junger, who were the first to invent long line boats?
(a) The Canadians.
(b) The French.
(c) The Americans.
(d) The Koreans.

5. Who owns the Andrea Gail?
(a) Alfred Pierre.
(b) Howard Blackburn.
(c) Linda Greenlaw.
(d) Bob Brown.

6. According to Junger, what type of shark can bite a man's leg off even after you cut off its head?
(a) Nurse Shark.
(b) Thrasher Shark.
(c) Great White Shark.
(d) Mako shark.

7. Around 1605, what outcasts did the English join with to establish the settlement at Gloucester?
(a) Outcasts from Plymouth.
(b) Outcasts from Britain.
(c) Outcasts from France.
(d) Outcasts from Newfoundland.

8. Who does Junger pose questions related to vessel disasters to in Chapter One?
(a) Local bartender.
(b) Himself.
(c) Seafaring experts.
(d) God.

9. Whose version is used as a basis for the description of the tragedy that takes place aboard the Andrea Gail during "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) Author Sebastian Junger's version.
(b) Captain Linda Greenlaw's version.
(c) Crewman Michael Moran's version.
(d) Skipper Ray Leonard's version.

10. According to the note found in a bottle in Chapter One, what parts of its boat of origin are missing?
(a) Yards and line.
(b) Hatch lid and canvas.
(c) Mast and sail.
(d) Cable and rudder.

11. What type of basis does Sebastian Junger strive toward maintaining throughout his writing of "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) Fantasy basis.
(b) Factual basis.
(c) Surreal basis.
(d) Religious basis.

12. Which of the time frames listed corresponds best to the setting of "The Perfect Storm"?
(a) January, 1985.
(b) October, 1991.
(c) March, 1993.
(d) July, 1992.

13. What is the primary reason that the English settle in Beauport around 1603?
(a) Because it was free from British rule.
(b) Because of the busy port.
(c) Because of the abundance of cod.
(d) Because every family was being granted ten acres of land.

14. What type of fishing is conducted aboard the ill-fated boat upon which the note in the bottle is penned?
(a) Swordfish fishing.
(b) Mackerel fishing.
(c) Tuna fishing.
(d) Trout fishing.

15. What is the theme of the book that is also the theme of Chapter 2?
(a) "Never tempt fate."
(b) "Fishing is dangerous".
(c) "Sailors are people, too".
(d) "Fishing as a Subculture".

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is an information source whom Junger uses to write "The Perfect Storm"?

2. Who is the captain of the Andrea Gail?

3. Which of the following sites are mentioned in Chapter Three as being two of the most dangerous places to fish?

4. In Chapter 1, off the coast of which state does a mackerel schooner's crew find a bottle with a note in it?

5. What type of sense does Junger apply to his use of the term "Perfect Storm" ?

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