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The Andrea Gail

Owned by Bob Brown, this 72-foot object is the subject of the book.

Gloucester, Massachusetts

This place dates back to the 1600's and is the setting for the book.

The Hannah Bolen

Owned by Bob Brown, this object supplies the other boat that he owns with fuel for its ill-fated trip.

The Satori

Owned by Ray Leonard, this object was rescued in time by the Coast Guard.

The Eishin Maru

This large Japanese object got caught in Hurricane Grace.

The Contship Holland

This object is caught in the clutches of Hurricane Grace the same night as one of Bob Brown's boats and has to have its course changed to survive the storm.

The Mary T

Located near Bob Brown's boat and the Grand Banks, this object is taken to Fairhaven,Massachusetts to be unloaded.

The Falcon

A large, floating object lost in a struggle against...

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