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Lesson 1 (from Foreword)


Foreword. Author Sebastian Junger states that "The Perfect Storm" is based on fact, attributing all interviews to the principals. His intention is good and noble. However, Junger seasons the book with fiction in order to achieve continuity. The objective of this lesson is to be able to recognize the difference between fact and fiction in a work that is interspersed with both.


1) Class discussion. What is a fact? What is fiction? What is non-fiction? What is literature? What is the main difference between fact and fiction? When fact and fiction are mixed in a literary work, how is the work classified? Is it fiction or non-fiction? Is a fictionalized work closer to fiction or non-fiction? Why? Is journalistic reporting closer to fiction or non-fiction? Why? Is literature closer to fiction or non-fiction? Why? What happens when an author mixes journalistic reporting with literature? Is he...

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