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Essay Topic 1

Throughout the book, "The Perfect Storm", Sebastian Junger tries to convey the message that "fishing is dangerous". 1) Is Junger convincing that fishing is dangerous? If yes, explain why. If not, explain why not. 2) Cite two examples from the book in which Junger attempts to convince the reader that "fishing is dangerous".

Essay Topic 2

According to Junger, a fishing subculture exists in Gloucester. 1) How does he illustrate a fishing sub-culture's existence in Gloucester? 2) Write about three characters who best exemplify part of the fishing sub-culture about which Junger writes, and explain why or how the characters whom you have chosen deserve that notation.

Essay Topic 3

There were two dramatic rescues involving the Coast Guard. One was a rescue attempt to rescue those aboard The Satori, and the second one was a rescue attempt to save a Japanese sailor off the New Jersey coast. 1) Which of the two...

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