The Perfect Storm Character Descriptions

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Billy Tyne - Headstrong Captain of the Andrea Gail, this character prefers to live on the edge and not take the advice of authoritative figures and others outside the parameters of the aforementioned boat.

Bobby Shatford - This character is a Gloucester native in need of cash to finance a divorce and subsequent re-marriage to a new love.

David Sullivan - This character can rightfully be named the bravest person aboard the Andrea Gail for having accepted a spot on that fateful fishing trip after two others backed out based on fear.

Dale Murphy - Divorced crew member aboard the Andrea Gail, this character doubles as cook, is devoted to a three-year-old son, and maintains a connection with the ex-spouse.

Linda Greenlaw - This character is intelligent, successful and aside from having set records for the largest fish catches in Gloucester, captains the Hannah Bolen.

Christine Cotter...

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