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• Author Sebastian Junger's intent in writing "The Perfect Storm" is to make it completely factual.

• Any quotes he attributes to recorded interviews with the principal.

• He uses the term, "Perfect Storm" in a meteorological sense, and it is not meant to offend the people who died on the Andrea Gail or their families.

Chapter 1

• A note in a bottle found floating off the coast of Massachusetts around 1895 bears its author's grief from his weather-ravaged vessel.

• The author of the note was a crew member of The Falcon, which with 19 other men on board, was lost the year before.

Chapter 2

• Sebastian Junger uses this chapter to introduce the reader to the townspeople and fishermen of Gloucester. Moving from one town resident to another at one of the local taverns, Junger provides the reader with details of each character's past and present life story.

• Toward the end of the...

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