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Simone Elkeles
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Alex get mad at Carlos for spending time with Wil?
(a) Carlos has a gun.
(b) Carlos helped to rob a liquor store.
(c) Carlos got a new tattoo.
(d) Carlos was in a drive-by shooting.

2. What is the nickname people use for Brittany and Colin?
(a) The Golden Couple.
(b) Fairfield's Finest.
(c) The North Side Lovers.
(d) Romeo and Juliet.

3. Who gives Brittany the address of Enrique's Body Shop so she can find Alex?
(a) Hector.
(b) Isabel.
(c) Carmen.
(d) Paco.

4. Who does Alex call to bail him out of jail?
(a) His mother.
(b) Paco.
(c) Enrique.
(d) Hector.

5. Alex tells Brittany that the first girl he had sex with was ____________________.
(a) Maria.
(b) Celia.
(c) Isabel.
(d) Carmen.

6. What does the person in #124 give to Alex when he/she takes him home?
(a) Coat.
(b) Lecture.
(c) Gun.
(d) Money.

7. How does Shelley communicate?
(a) Via a computer.
(b) Writing.
(c) Sign language.
(d) Picture cards.

8. Where does Brittany take Alex in Chapter 44 that makes him uncomfortable?
(a) A mall.
(b) A church.
(c) A gallery.
(d) A bistro.

9. Whose appearance is disruptive at the wedding reception?
(a) Colin's.
(b) Chuy's.
(c) Hector's.
(d) Sierra's.

10. Why does Paco go to Brittany's house?
(a) To plan a surprise birthday party for Alex.
(b) To ask what her intentions are about Alex.
(c) To ask if she would go out with him.
(d) To tell her about the drug deal Alex is supposed to do.

11. What is done to Alex to mark him as a Blood forever?
(a) He is tattooed.
(b) His earlobes are cut off.
(c) His thumbs are cut off.
(d) He is branded.

12. Why does Brittany break up with Alex?
(a) Because he won't drop out of the Bloods.
(b) Because her parents will disown her if she doesn't.
(c) Because she knows their relationship has no future.
(d) Because he keeps pressuring her to have sex.

13. What does Alex reveal to Brittany in the hospital room?
(a) He is joining the Army.
(b) He made love to her on a bet.
(c) He wants to marry her.
(d) He set Paco up to be killed.

14. How long was Alex in the hospital?
(a) 3 days.
(b) 2 weeks.
(c) 2 months.
(d) 1 month.

15. What information does Alex hope to get by hanging out at the Bloods' warehouse?
(a) Information about Javier.
(b) Information about his Dad.
(c) Information about Brittany.
(d) Information about Carlo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brittany do after she breaks up with Colin?

2. In Chapter 43, Brittany, Sierra, Doug and Alex go on a trip to where?

3. Who does Brittany go to for consolation after breaking up with Alex?

4. Which of the following is NOT something Brittany suffers guilt about?

5. How much time passes after his hospitalization before Alex returns to Illinois?

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