Perfect Chemistry Short Essay - Answer Key

Simone Elkeles
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1. What unusual technique does the author use regarding point of view in this book?

These first chapters introduce each of the main characters. The author has chosen to write her novel in the first-person point of view, alternating the narrating character between Brittany and Alex.

2. What does the author reveal about Brittany's life that is different from outside appearances?

Brittany is a golden child, the child of wealthy parents who seems to have it all on the outside. However, the reader discovers that Brittany's home life is tense because of her sister's physical and mental disabilities and her mother's inability to deal with the stresses of daily life.

3. Why does Brittany take more care of her sister than is necessary?

Brittany finds herself taking control of her sister's care much more than she should probably have to because her mother has a hard time dealing with stress. Brittany also feels pressure to take care of her sister because Brittany has everything that her sister does not due to her sister's medical condition.

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