Objects & Places from Perfect Chemistry

Simone Elkeles
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Tiffany Bracelet

Colin gave Brittany this item for their first anniversary.

Designer Clothes

Brittany wears these to make her mother happy and discovers that half the time she fails to do so.


Brittany throws these into the grass to get back at Alex for stealing her car.

Pink Bicycle Bell

Brittany places this on Juan to retaliate against Alex for throwing her keys into the school pool.

Hand Warmers

Brittany and Alex's senior chemistry project is to create these items.


This building sits behind an old train station where the Latino Bloods hang out.


This is Alex's name for his motorcycle after the uncle who helped his parents move to Illinois.


Brittany drives this vehicle given to her by her father for her eighteenth birthday.


Alex wins this vehicle in a bet they made regarding Brittany.

Lake Geneva

When they first begin dating...

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