Perfect Chemistry Character Descriptions

Simone Elkeles
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Brittany Ellis

She is the daughter of a wealthy computer company owner and appears to have it all.

Alejandro 'Alex' Fuentes

He is a member of the Latino Bloods because he needed to join the gang to keep his mother and little brothers safe.

Colin Adams

He is the son of a successful lawyer and wants to be a lawyer as well.


He lives with his father who is a drunk who often beats him, creating a great deal of anger and frustration.

Isabel 'Isa' Avila

She and Alex grew up together and treat one another like siblings.

Carmen Sanchez

She is Alex's neighbor and ex-girlfriend.

Shelley Ellis

She suffers from cerebral palsy and developmental delays.

Patricia Ellis

She is a self-centered woman who worries constantly about what people think of her and her family.


He is a leader of a gang and bails Alex out...

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