Perfect Chemistry Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Simone Elkeles
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Chapters 1-7

• In Chapter 1, when Brittany Ellis is ready for school on the first day of her senior year, she must endure her mother's critical inspection.

• Brittany says goodbye to her sister, Shelley, who is in a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy.

• In Chapter 2, Alex Fuentes is awakened by his brother on the first day of school only to find himself refereeing a fight between his two younger brothers.

• Alex quickly dresses and has a quick breakfast with his mother and brothers before rushing off to school with Carmen, his ex-girlfriend and fellow gang member.
• In Chapter 3, Brittany goes to park her new BMW in the school parking lot, only to discover the spot she thought was empty actually contains Alex Fuentes' motorcycle.

• Frightened, Brittany struggles to get the manual transmission into reverse to get out of the way.

• Alex confronts Brittany in front of the school, but...

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