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Short Answer Questions

1. What color are the eldila when they appear in human form?

2. In Chapter 14, after Ransom drinks from a pool, how long does it take him the top?

3. How tall are the eldila when they take human form?

4. How is the temptation on Perelandra going to be stopped?

5. By Chapter 11, with who or what is Ransom contending?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Ransom feel when he finds the injured frogs?

2. What does Ransom see when his thoughts are interrupted by a voice in Chapter 13?

3. How is Ransom described by the eldila?

4. How does Ransom feel after he eats some seaweed?

5. During the rainstorm, what does Ransom see when lightning flashes?

6. How does Ransom try to kill the Un-man at the beginning of Chapter 14?

7. What does Ransom decide has happened to Weston?

8. What does Ransom do as he waits for dawn in Chapter 14?

9. After Ransom’s long sleep in the fire-lit cave, how does he feel?

10. What image does Ransom see emerging from the stories told by the Un-man?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Green Lady believes it is possible to be satisfied when an expected good is not received. How does the Green Lady feel about being with Ransom instead of the King? What is the difference between an expected good and a given good? How does one’s attitude determine satisfaction if one receives something good, but not what one expected? How does the Green lady choose to view a given good?

Essay Topic 2

When the Green Lady meets Ransom face to face, she comments that she is older. What does the Green Lady mean when she tells Ransom that she is older? Does she look older? Does she seem more mature? Does the Green Lady see any relationship between getting older and maturity?

Essay Topic 3

The narrator is afraid as he walks to his friend’s cottage. Does the narrator realize he is afraid at first? When does he become aware that he is afraid? Does he know at first why he is afraid? What does the narrator decide is the cause of his fear?

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