Perelandra Fun Activities

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C.S. Lewis

Read another book written by Lewis.


Draw a picture of Perelandra.


Create a model of the coffin-like box that Ransom travels in.


Create a diorama of Ransom’s cottage and grounds.

Perelandran Creatures

Create a booklet that describes and shows the various creatures on Perelandra.

Map it

Create a map of Perelandra.

Perelandra and the Garden of Eden

Discuss with a group the similarities that Perelandra shares with the Garden of Eden.


Create a poster that shows the various foods available on Perelandra.


Use modeling clay to sculpt one of the creatures found on Perelandra.

Compare and Contrast Venus and Perelandra

Use a comparison matrix to compare what is known about Venus from scientific investigations and how Lewis describes Perelandra. How are the descriptions similar, yet different?


Create a glossary of unfamiliar words used in the novel.

Noah's Ark

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