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Essay Topic 1

The narrator is afraid as he walks to his friend’s cottage. Does the narrator realize he is afraid at first? When does he become aware that he is afraid? Does he know at first why he is afraid? What does the narrator decide is the cause of his fear?

Essay Topic 2

Ransom believes that Lewis sees him as a megalomaniac. Why does Ransom think Lewis would accuse him of megalomania? What behaviors is Ransom exhibiting? Why might these behaviors be attributed to megalomania? Why isn’t Ransom a megalomaniac?

Essay Topic 3

As Ransom prepares to leave, Lewis finds himself realizing how much he will miss Ransom. How does the talk the two men have make Lewis feel? What does Lewis begin to notice about Ransom as they talk? As the time draws nearer, how does Lewis realize he will feel when Ransom is gone?

Essay Topic 4

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