Perelandra Character Descriptions

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This is the character that tells the story after it is dictated to him.

Dr. Ransom

This is the main character in the novel.

Dark Archon

This is a name for the devil.


This is the being that rules Perelandra.

The Voice

This is a universal God who rules both Malacandra and Perelandra.


These characters are messengers similar to Biblical angels.

Tor the King

This character becomes the father of all mankind.

Tinidril the Queen

This character is the mother of all mankind.

Professor Weston

This character’s body is possessed, an event that nearly causes the destruction of all mankind.


This is a character that is protector of a planet.


This a character that protects a planet.

Dr. Humphreys

This is a character that is summoned to care for a character who returns to earth.

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