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Chapter 1

• The narrator has been summoned by his friend Dr. Ransom to come for a visit.

• The narrator takes the train to visit his friend.

• As the narrator walks to his friend’s home, he experiences a strong feeling or dread and fear, and he wishes to turn back.

• When the narrator arrives at Ransom’s house, it is dark and empty.

• A note on the door indicates that his friend had to leave suddenly and will be back late.

• Inside the house is a weird colored coffin-like box.

• The narrator continues to battle his fear as he struggles to light a match.

• He realizes that one of the eldila, a creature Dr. Ransom met on an interplanetary journey, is there.

• When Ransom arrives, he converses with the eldila in a strange language.

• The narrator is so thankful that Ransom has arrived, and he tells him that.

Chapter 2

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