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Short Answer Questions

1. How is Chayo Cuamea discharged?

2. Where do the Foxyes live?

3. Who tells the authorities about Loreto's death?

4. Who brutally deflowers La Malquerida in the brothel?

5. Jes's is pointed out to the police for how much money?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

1) Who is Panfilo? Why is he devastated? Go into some detail in your answer. 2) Describe the sarcastic description of "the valiant hawks". How did they influence Frankie Perez? 3) Who is Porfirio Diaz? What did he do? Choose two of the three topics to write on.

Essay Topic 2

1) In what ways is Bobby Foxye a typical hippie of the 1960s? 2) What are two things Bobby Foxye accused his parents of? 3) Who is Rudolph H. Smith? Describe him. What phobia does he have? Choose two of the three topics to write on.

Essay Topic 3

1) Where is the dead body of Loreto found? By whom? Who notifies the authorities of his death? 2) Who comes to take the dead body of Loreto away? What happens to to Nelson Ortiz during during the loading of Loreto's body into the truck? 3) Describe Loreto's house down by the river. What do the bichigetters find when they tear it apart? Choose two of the topics to write on.

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