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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does an old woman named Candelita finally sell her lottery tickets?
(a) By crying and telling her life story.
(b) By telling fortunes along with selling the tickets.
(c) By putting a ball under her dress as if she were a hunchback.
(d) By selling home-made cookies with them.

2. What is a parida, the first drink Lencho buys at a bar?
(a) A glass of the local wine.
(b) A glass of vodka.
(c) A beer and a glass of tequila.
(d) A glass of whiskey.

3. What do an officer and a soldier complain about regarding Chayon and his Yaqui Indians?
(a) That they are dirty and ragged.
(b) That they are taking up arms against the government.
(c) That they are too religious.
(d) That they are uneducated.

4. What does Lencho's wife want him to do with the money his sons had given him for Buzz Saw's birthday?
(a) Buy notebooks and pencils for when school starts.
(b) Put the money in a savings account for Buzz Saw.
(c) Buy Buzz Saw a new Sunday outfit for church.
(d) Buy some toys for Buzz Saw.

5. What does Jes's of Bethlehem do?
(a) He becomes a priest.
(b) He begs for money very convincingly.
(c) He sings religious songs.
(d) He heals people and doesn't charge money.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tony Baba's grandmother do when a strike is organized against her?

2. Who carries herself with the elegance of a ballerina?

3. Who is Tony Baba?

4. Don de Cocuch spent a lot of time around what animals?

5. What was Tony Baba's wife like?

Short Essay Questions

1. A car passes the two exhausted, desperate men. Why doesn't it stop to give them a ride?

2. Describe Tony Baba.

3. Describe Kite. ( Ffor instance: what does he look like, do all the time and what was his former occupation?)

4. Who is Lorenzo?

5. What happens to Chayo Cuamea's eldest son, Chayito, and whose godson is he?

6. Describe General Cajetes.

7. What happens to Chayo Cuamea's oldest son and what is his name?

8. How many years does Loreto survive Frankie and where do they find his dead body?

9. Describe Chuco and what he does.

10. Who is Ruperta?

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